Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sorry for the late update but finally got the photos credit to talented photographer, Grace Sow !
Vanity Crew were asked to perform a gig on the 8th of Feb at Lido Star Dance Club, Kuching.
The event, Glowiilicious was organized by GroovyGlam Limited . It was somewhat like an early-Chinese New Year eve celebration/event. This was the banner of that night. Spot my crew's mini banner and studio's icon on it! :D 

BOO. Face of the day lol. 

The venue : Lido Star Dance Club. We went a little earlier around 8pm for rehearsal and other stuff. It's one of the biggest clubs i've been to. we were gonna perform a total of three dances which were timed at 11pm, 12.30pm and lastly 1am. 

The other deejays of the night. One deejay is not enough for party people lol! The crew here control the lighting and sound system.

This was the guest deejay of the night. DJane Geri . SHE IS SO TALL!! :O

Emcee of the night.

They hired Philippine singers for that night too. 

The Chong siblings. Kixx, manager of Vanity Crew and Cherry, my leader! ^_^v

It was jam packed with people. Loving the atmosphere that night!

We had seats reserved for us right in front of large ass speakers. Shark Gangz and Vanity Crew in the house! :D (Put your fcking hands up!)

with other people/friends we know.

Only three of us performed that night since a lot were not around or had exams etc. Loving this photo but the quality sucks. I blame iPhone's camera and dark surroundings lol. This concludes my ootd too lol!

Some shots of Vanity Crew and Shark Gangz performing that night.

Posting this cause i find this picture funny ngehehehe :P

After the performance it was time to let loose and just chill. Stayed there until around 2+am and went to have supper together with everybody. Went to three different places before actually eating since everything was closing up and food were finishing. Thank God we actually found somewhere to eat lol! Reached home at around 4am feeling happy and contented! Btw, going back to Lido for another performance in March so i'm excited haha! :D 

Thank you for having us, Lido! and to GroovyGlam for hosting this event. Oh, and thank you to Mark for treating me a drink lol! Hope yáll had a good night like we had! Till my next post xx

Video summary of the night down below. Credits to GroovyGlam Limited.

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