Sunday, February 10, 2013


It has been an extremely hectic time for me after graduating highschool with my crew, and other busy stuff in life. There's just so many things to do yet so little time. Finally had a break which is the middle of the night to blog about the stuff going on besides my crew.

A friend of a friend asked of a favour last year(2012) around December. She asked if i could help her agency film a small part of a soon-to-be-dvd. Not gonna lie, i was so skeptical and suspicious about this. I mean, why me? LOL. Of all the pretty and gorgeous people out there, why me? And me acting? That was new. Anyway, i decided to give it go since i've never actually tried acting or singing before. 
I brought Bibii with me just in case it was a fraud or something went wrong, i mean, you never know right?! :S Turned out it was very alright. This was my look of the day. The hairdresser was a nice guy :) Look at my pretty hair all thanks to him! This made me consider permanently curling my hair. teehee. My make up artist was stressed out tho lol. She was annoyed with my single eyelids. Sorry, my eyes are small -.- Apparently, i held the role of a secretary. Not those desperate for a sugar daddy kind of secretary but a real secretary okay. lol. I had to say my lines in Chinese which was a pain in the ass (i suck in chinese btw) but managed to pull it off! :D 

The company that was in charge of the filming is named Star Crews Connection Agency Sdn Bhd. (picture credits to Google) I'm sure if you watch Singaporean dramas you'd easily recognize this guy here. They have a branch in Kuching too!

Looks like Kuching's local band, SLAP, would be collaborating with Star Crews for the soundtrack of the local film entitled "These Few People" which would probably be released in October (2013). (Picture credits to Borneo Post) Read more about their collaboration HERE!!

This was my outfit of the day. All the clothes were my own btw. We were just told to dress up as we wish but accordingly of course. A picture with my friend Bibii and the oh-so-famous director/actor Alvin Giam!! AHHHHHHH so honoured to have the opportunity to actually film with him. he was so professional but at the same time strict. I think he only smiled once or twice that whole day! :/
After this i respect all actors and actresses as well as all the directors and staff. I have to stay the whole day there just for three scenes. To say i was exhausted was an understatement! but it was fun and i definitely learned a lot from this. Thank you Lord for this chance! :D One item on my bucket list is finally ticked off!

First off, i got a part time job since lazing at home everyday for the next 4 months waiting for results would be a bit lifeless and plus, where to get money to go out and have fun? Got a sales job recommended by a friend and passed the interview almost at once. Boss is happy with me! I can tell ;) Oh btw, they're still looking for workers, if you're interested :)

Their shop is located at the ground floor of the new mall called ST3, opposite The Spring. 

Their stuff are mainly targeted for the ladies as they specialize in girls accessories such as hairbands and hairclips, fake lashes or double eye lid tape etc.

 They also sell a variety of phone casings mainly for iPhones and Samsung smartphones.

You can be updated on the new stock by following the shop's instagram as well as it's FB PAGE :) So overall i'll be working for about 5-6 months tops since i have nothing much to do now and i could really use the extra money i'm earning!

Secondly, i graduated highschool. YEP, LIKE FINALLY. Honestly speaking i''d been skipping classes for about 1-2 months before my finals to self study at home since, well, that's what everyone else does. so yeah. and honestly speaking, i have no emotional connection with my school lol. All these reference books as well as exercise books fill up to about 2 boxes(full). I could open a bookstore. I took a max of nine subjects in the science stream : BM, English, Maths, Moral, History, Add Maths(ugh), Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I REGRETTED EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY I STEPPED INTO SCIENCE STREAM. One my path i was gonna take was Mass Communication which obviously does not involve any usage of science subjects. Secondly, i studied all that hard crap for nothing. UGHHH. But at least it kinda drove me to work harder? i think? Results come out next month (March) and i'm really not looking forward to that! :( Hope i did okay... if not i'd be flipping burgers in McDonald's. 

Done with exams and i was out of school in a jiffy. You would have thought i went out to party or whatever crap, bish please. I NEEDED MY OH SO DEPRIVED SLEEP. and plus, i got my wifi and modem privilages as well as non-curfew night outs back! Feels good to be free. At least i didn't have my mum breathing down my neck anymore cause of the exams. It was self-pampering time!!

Class of 5 Science 3 (2012) - with my classmates of the year! Congratulations everybody for finally graduating! Spot me if you can!! Ngeehe. haven't been keeping contact with a lot, sleeping in class on a daily basis does not make me socializable okay. What can i say? School starts too early. So although this was delayed, Goodbye apron-like uniforms (which saved me dilemma of thinking of what to wear every single day), goodbye boring, old, plain white shoes, goodbye annoying discipline teachers who insist long hair is either cut short or tied up, goodbye to aggravating subjects which almost gave me mental breakdown, goodbye to my athlete coaches, goodbye to all my confiscated jewelry, goodbye to the beloved basketball court, goodbye to all the highschool drama. goodbye to rotans and canes, goodbye to all my accumulated demerit points, goodbye to all lovely teachers who adore me(there are a few okay!), goodbye to yucky, smelly toilets, goodbye to prefects who were doing their annoying job, goodbye to canteen's yummy food( T__T) and lastly, goodbye to all those years of being a pure Greenian. Goodbye SMK Green Road!! :D

Thirdly, i'm currently trying to get a driving license so i can drive around. Oh and dad's gonna get me a car of my own also since my whole family has practically a schedule of their own and it'd be a fuss that'll break into an argument to ensure who takes the car or whatever. Speaking about it, we had to take a computerized test which i just had to fail..not once..but TWICE. WHAT THE CRAP. Wasted almost a hundred bucks just to resit the test thrice! Apparently the passing mark was 42/50 and me, being the very "lucky" girl i am, i got 41/50..twice.. *a round of applause please* ugh. However, i don't believe i was too stupid to not pass it and scored a total of 45/50 in the next exam. WOOHOOOOOO. FINALLY. Gonna start learning how to drive by the end of this month and if i hear my instructor saying he is too busy to teach me i'd personally go kick him where the sun doesn't shine. EH, I PAY YOU LEH! *sigh* people nowadays.

Cheers to the year 2013 and since the world didn't end, here are some of my late new year resolutions :)
1) Be the girl who turns her cant's to cans and all her dreams to plans.
2) Improve my dancing and make my crew well known.
3) Choose and determine my pathway for my future in studies and in life.
4) Learn to dress of fashionably but simple.
5) Learn how to play the guitar.
6) Meet and know more people and make more friends.
7) Colour my hair a crazy attention grabbing colour! :D
8) Put all my past behind me and start afresh.
9) Learn how to cook and all the recipes from my grandma!
10) Find my other half ♥ ♥ ♥ :)

Song of the week for me : Gone Not Around Any Longer by Sista19. xx

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