Thursday, January 27, 2011

Visit to Cancer Kid's ward :)

 On the 27th of Jan, we, PRS people went to to the General Hospital
to visit the cancer ward patients [kids]. gathered in school and walked to 
GH since it wasnt exactly that far away :)

-us assembling outside the ward.-

dont you pity these kids? *sigh* so young yet they cant live life to its fullest.
and yet we still quote, "f*ck my life". so yeahh :/

we started the community service by just spending time with these kids. 
colouring, origami, making paper stars, singing, dancing etc etc :)
we also handed out foods and drinks -- things kids like :)

- Yee Hwa and Zhi Cheng with a cancer patient-

-the singing and dancing group-

we also had some slides shown for their entertainment  :)

-Ivan and Ju Peng with another cancer patient- 
teaching origami.

waaha. i participated too kays? :) 
i taught them origami and helped them with colouring :)
teh kid i attentded to gave me so much hope. he's leaving the ward the next day.
omg, God bless you, Hillary. enjoy while you still can! :')

-me teaching them origami. spot me?- :b

-me and some others helping them with colouring- :)

However i had to leave early to go to Normah, so i wasnt in this group picture! ):
unfair much. pffftttssss. but anyways, a very fulfilling day! :D

P.S.- i didn hear my mums calls and when i checkeD my phone. oops.
15 misscalls. OHMYMAMA, GG.COM! -_____-

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dance Jamming @ Boulevard - 1st Jan 2011

After the Damai day trip, we reached home exhausted. lol. but yeahhhh,
after an hour or so of cleaning up, bathing, dressing up bla bla bla, 
Me, John, Howard, Abigail, Dylan and August set off to Boulevard.
there's gonna be a dance jam there that night. we were somewhat late -.-
met up with Ivory and her boy, which is the first guy i actually approved! :D
went to have dinner. hungryy! oh oh, then August just had to hurt my feelings.
and damn, he pissed me off. call me cheap, what, 120% cheap some more.
im like ~!@$^^$#~!#%&~!^&@!^&*@!@ that time dy. yet he still continue.
FINE. SO WAATTTAAAFAARRKKKK. so i left the table and walked around.
met up with Sharon. so yeah, walked till i was a lil calmer. haha :)
it was late, so i walked to the jam area, and August chased me -.-
wtf. sia soi much. he even throw his slipper at me since he cant chase me. siao.
which part of, "i dont wanna talk to you." do you not understand? pfftts.

anyways, this is not the first time he's done this so yeah. i am pissed :/
nvm. im more expensive than him anyways. beeeeeettccchhhhh!
for now, its settled but im still giving him the cold shoulder. bleehhhhhh. sien.

whatever lah. about the jam, well, here are some pictures :)

Honestly, if there was a dance school in Kuching, i'd attend it! :D
Dancing is loveeee! <3

Philip. the MC and organizer and dancer of the day.
our group banyak maslah if he masuk campur. aduhai! -.-"

Me, Howard and Tabby :) 

Dylan and Abigail :)

John and Ivory. :)

during the dances :)
it would have been an awesome night, but someone just had to spoil it.
i had an awesome day, okay? pfftssss. mood spoiler! :@

But still, i danced like its nobody business that night. oh wells. :)
everyone deserves to be loved. i will be loved! ;)

L.I.F.E.- Love. IS. For. Everyone! <3

Damai - 1st Jan 2011 (:

woke up after 3 hours plus sleep. got ready to set off to Damai.
got greeted by the huge thunderstorm. omg. almost cancelled the whole trip. ):
but luckily the weather treated me better. wahahaha! :D
all of us met up at Wei Ying's house. use a van to go to Damai. :)
8 people all together. chun chun 4 guys and 4 girls. ahah! :P
we went for a day trip since we had a jam at night later on. pffts ):
paid RM3 entry fee. haha. and RM17 for transport i think? :O

went straight to the beach. as you can see, "beach is closed."
but still we saw other people so we just entered :D nobody halau us leh! x)
sometimes, rules are just meant to be broken! ;)

such a beautiful place. i want a beach house! :O <3

waves were tremendous that morning :) xD 

guys playing in the waves. John lost his specs. OH MAI GOSH! D:
must get ready speech to explain to Philip -.-

walking by the beach is an awesome thing to do kays? :)


after a while, we got bored, so we walked up to the Hilltop pool.
my stamina lousy and im so fat dy. i was the last one to arrive on top -.-

but the suffering was worth it. beautiful isint it? :)

i didnt wanna get in at first, but it was too tempting :) woohoo :)
Wei Ying even worse, Abigail directly pulled her in. WAKAKAKAKA!
water is my element, just for your info. ahaha! <3 but i cant swim. pffts -.-

we had fun splashing around. hahhaha! :D

Me, Wei Ying and Abigail in the pool :)
while we were all playing in the pool, John slept the whole way -.- apalahh.

time to get dry again :) photo taking session :D

me and my babes <3

Me with Howard, John and August :)

He's wearing the necklace i gave him. yayy! Happy birthday, bro! :D

Group photo. i love all of them loads! <3

after that, we went back down and rested/ eat on the seats in front of the beach.
i stood by the waves thinking of you. oh yessss, youuuu :)

Just realized we were wearing traffic light colours :D HAHAA!

look into his specs and you can see his vision of what he sees! :)

My company for today. oh gosh. we laughed so hard every head turned towards us!
laughed at chao ah bengs, talked dirty, and etc etc, oh gosshhhhhhh :)
AHHH, AWESOME TIMES. we saw guys trying to show they macho. FAILLL!
and an angmo guy whose pants almost dropped in the waves LOLOLLL.
oh gosh all the things we did or saw that day. such an epic day <3

Thank you to all who made this trip possible, thank you God for good weather.
thank you for making time to accompany me to Damai. really appreciate it! :)
thanks cause its just for the sake of me you guys go through so much.
you guys are really true friends. i never wanna lose you guys <3

i am blessed. time to get my ass home and go jam! :B
buhhbyeeeeeee! <3