Saturday, December 31, 2011

What''s Poppin'?!

soo dance life is back! we received a note that we were gonna be performing.
at Spring for this GotSoul (rival?) event thingy. soo,
it turned out to be this "What's Poppin' Vol.2. workshop and Battle" :)
so we just combined a few routines we've done before and that;s it?
took bout two days to finish the whole thing. btw, Cherry (leader) is back! :D

the shoes as prizes were offered and sponsored by Limited edition @ Spring :)
but it turn out to be that limited edition since one of my friends own like
the exact same pair for the first price :) oh wells. it's their event anyways.

they invited this so-called best popper in Kuching? Jackson Boogie J/ Jay (idk),
but first impression? i so do not like him. at all -__-"

back to the event, this was the workshop before the battle started.
Nai Thong : Poppin' is really hard shit -__- ---- LOL

i expected more people there tho. Kuching poppers too little :O

so anyways, this guy was the dj of the day :) i think he's from Feasible crew?
if i'm not mistaken. you can check out one of their videos HERE ! :)
 much respect for this crew y├íll (Y)

Chillies crew. Girls crew of Soul Dance. they did the opening number. 

back to the battle :) i sincerely laike this guy's dancing!
i cant believe they never gave him a chance to get into the finals :(
his expressions and what not was superb! (Y) *loves*

AHHAHA! this is Kixx! our Vanity crew manager :)
as well as cherry's brother. he joined i to fill in a vacant spot :)
so yeahh. well, news had it he didnt practice so oh wells. haha!

tada! this is my crew! (Y) with like missing two members?
i have a feeling i'll be the one missing next year :( oh man. *cries*
okayy enough of that, scroll down for pictures! :D Support Vanity Crew

thank you for the pictures! Credits to Julian Christian Sim! :)

esp love these two shots taken by one of our crew member WenWen :)

decided to do some photoshooting in Spring.
trust me it was super funny when we trying out this pose
on the escalator. everyone was staring and well, it was just funny!

*more pictures once Munie/WenWen uploads them!*
Updated :-

ohh my bad, i missed this out! Winner was Ameer from StepHolic! (Y)
yayyers! he deserved it! and the other two were Keo and Benard 
from GotSoul. *that was expected anyways* :) duh.

Vanity wishes you all a very Happy New Year (Y) 
photo credits to Munie/WenWen :)

after that met up with Bibi and Gabby since it was still early.
walked around Spring and met up with Malcolm at Starbucks. lol.
Met his friend Julian whom i met the other day at Jln Song Starbucks too.
so, Kuching really is small. He was also the photographer for Vanity
just now. (Y) ahha. new friend again #yayy.
wanted to watch movie but then they dont want so oh wells :(
Malcolm drove us around *he talks alot* and finally sent us all home. haha.
that was because Gabby was so indecisive of where to go -.-

oh wells, thank you everyone for supporting Vanity crew this year,
i hope we still gain your support for the year to come *which is tomorrow*.
signing off! till my next post xxx :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Ding Dong Deng Dong it's already Christmas eve! omo that's like so fast! :)
time really passes damn fast. wow. it's like already December!
so yeah, i went to Spring again for countdown. AGAIN. but heyy, Kuching is 
so sad for like more places okay? :) i also had a performance that day so yeah.

btw, met up with Grace Ong! :) awww i'm not that short la compared to her :)
so yeah. chilled at Starbucks and just talked. and and and,.....

jeng jeng jeng! Adrian Kok is back! :D dude from KL is back! (Y)
so obviously must snap photos la :) teehee.
was also with Ivory, Rhodian and Bibi that night. eh i just realized!
how come no group photo? ughh. anyways, its okayy. maybe next time. :)

not to mention boyfie came with me too on that day :) support me dancing :)
and it was just one day before our 7th monthsary <3 yayyers!
lookie he's so cute with his fake pink bunny ears right?! :D
and ohh i went home by like 11.45pm? so i ditched my boyfie and friends :/
i feel super bad la. thought i could at least spend time watching fireworks with him.
could see that he's disappointed too anyways. oops.
im rreally sorrry. and i love you <3

this was the stage! polaroid shot stolen from the facebook page!
and it wasnt as big as it looks okay? :) but still okay :)
i like the lighting too! haha. so yeahh i kinda approve this stage? :P

tadaa! our starting pose. it was kind of a super easy dance? if i might say so?
ohh and we performed with only 5 people including myself since our leader
and one member not around. so yeah. we all hope we made Cherry proud :D

to watch the video, click here! i don't think you'll regret watching it :3
and if you like it please come and support my crew's page okay?
to do so, like the facebook page, here! please show us some love <3

here are some shots! come on, keep scrolling! :D

our ending pose and that was when we were done with our performance :D 
yayyers! i think we did quite well? maybe cause the choreo was kinda easy?
and i was kinda displeased about the crowd? they were so unsupportive.
they kept shouting out useless stuff like "booo!", "not hot la!", "so lousy la"
so yeahh. i was like, "you stupid idiot, if you dont wanna watch then just leave la."
so impolite to do that on our performance day. but then i guess some 
people stood up for us and like told them that if thry thought they could do
much better, they should just get on the stage and like show us what they got :)
so yeahh, haters will hate anyways, to all supporters! iloveyouall <3

this is us after performance with santa at backstage :) 
ho ho ho, merry Christmas! (Y) im so happy that we all look
happy in this picture. yayy! go Vanity! :D

so, did you like our performance? send me or our crew some comments! :)
thank you for reading and Merry Christmas! (Y)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

dance events.

Dance events seemed to be pilling up ever since Vanity's appearance at Spring.
so yeahh, Senso Hilton invited Vanity to do a performance but on one
condition, dancers must be of legal age *cries* :(
so our seniors did the show for bunny night :) i'm sure they did well! :D

the next day, literally, we performed as back-up dancers for Astro :)
we performed at 101 in kuching :) so yeahh. 
this is us with one singer. well, the most good looking and can-sing singer there :3

took with this singer too. well, he sings kinda off tune, no offence. 
we had other costumes on for his dance but too bad we couldn't snap a photo :(
but, at least we have this :) we had no chance to snap picture with the female
singer though. btw, her fans are so so so noisy. ugh :)

anyway, i did few minor mistakes here and there. ohhmyy.
but hey good thing is, i didnt fall down in my 4 inch plus heels. muahaha :D
mission accomplished for that night . it was raining btw. so potong steam -.-
the stage was leaking some more. God bless me.  i was praying okay?! :D

for teh last number of the day, they danced a partner dance to a song the 
singer i said who was good looking above sang :) 

what a night. it was hard changing at the backstage. but hey new experience,
new danced gained. determination to do better ncreases.
what can be ever wrong bout dancing? :)
btw, boyfie came to support that night. awww. had a lil'argument but it has passed :)
that's bout it. till my next post bout Christmas eve, see you :)

p.s- vanity crew is performing at spring on Christmas eve <3
don't miss it k? Birthday Invasion 2011.

hellloo! remember when i said i would blog bout the biker's night thingy? yeah
guess what? i couldn't perform as i was still underage. :(
so sad. but annyway, this evernt is WAYY bigger :D ohhhmmyyyy.
get ready for.. BAMMM!

The Hitz.Fm Birthday Invasion 2011! it was held at BCCK in Kuching and
we were asked to perform there. omo omo omo. we so excited yeahh :)

see, we took picture cause we sakai LOL and some random photographer came up
and snapped for us too. but but, i havent gpt the pictures so, i have to use
my sucky quality pictures for my blog. so sad hoh? :( *big sigh*
but seriously, i love my crew :) support Vanity crew okay? :) \m/

the seniors in our crew :) Jasz, Cherry. Teresa and Munie :)

our manager Kixx who is Cherry's brother and Teresa's boy :)

me with Sim :) she is a Malay. what is this sorcery?! :O
but hey, i thought she was a chinese on first glance too. (Y)

i laike this picture so damn much :) but too bad Candy and Sim missing :(
but still we love to camwhore in toilets LOL. it's just a girl's thing :)
btw, we had artiste passes so we could enter anywhere we wanted too :D
we were in the same meeting room with Mizz  Nina, Nadhira, Pop Shavit,
JJ and Ean, MMeng, Natasha and many many many other cool people :)

i am still waiting for our crew picture from Alvin Leong and our picture with
JJ and Ean from omgg the suspend is just too long :(
but at least we had some photos from our photographer friend of Eugenie's!

take 1 :)

take 2 :)

our studio, Street Shock was asked to perform a breaking freestyle so guys nailed it!
*big round of applause* thank you so much for coming in to support us dance
too. it was a hectic morning and we were abit frazzled up bout it but hey,
i guess we all did okay. as for me, i had cuts on my knees. so yeah :/
but overall, i just have to say,

i LOVE MY CREW and VANITY babes :) that's all. 


now, backstage.we went for rehearsals that day and omg so tired i tell you.
they delayed our time for bout 2 hours and and, didnt let us rehearse properly.
which got all of us negative feedbacks. you evil man. :(
one thing bout him, he pushed me up on stage. i should have looked him in the 
eye and say to him, "next time, say please. and *flips hair*". i should have :)
oh well, it was a joyful experience. first time for the crew to be performing
with all seven members too! (Y)