Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Ding Dong Deng Dong it's already Christmas eve! omo that's like so fast! :)
time really passes damn fast. wow. it's like already December!
so yeah, i went to Spring again for countdown. AGAIN. but heyy, Kuching is 
so sad for like more places okay? :) i also had a performance that day so yeah.

btw, met up with Grace Ong! :) awww i'm not that short la compared to her :)
so yeah. chilled at Starbucks and just talked. and and and,.....

jeng jeng jeng! Adrian Kok is back! :D dude from KL is back! (Y)
so obviously must snap photos la :) teehee.
was also with Ivory, Rhodian and Bibi that night. eh i just realized!
how come no group photo? ughh. anyways, its okayy. maybe next time. :)

not to mention boyfie came with me too on that day :) support me dancing :)
and it was just one day before our 7th monthsary <3 yayyers!
lookie he's so cute with his fake pink bunny ears right?! :D
and ohh i went home by like 11.45pm? so i ditched my boyfie and friends :/
i feel super bad la. thought i could at least spend time watching fireworks with him.
could see that he's disappointed too anyways. oops.
im rreally sorrry. and i love you <3

this was the stage! polaroid shot stolen from the facebook page!
and it wasnt as big as it looks okay? :) but still okay :)
i like the lighting too! haha. so yeahh i kinda approve this stage? :P

tadaa! our starting pose. it was kind of a super easy dance? if i might say so?
ohh and we performed with only 5 people including myself since our leader
and one member not around. so yeah. we all hope we made Cherry proud :D

to watch the video, click here! i don't think you'll regret watching it :3
and if you like it please come and support my crew's page okay?
to do so, like the facebook page, here! please show us some love <3

here are some shots! come on, keep scrolling! :D

our ending pose and that was when we were done with our performance :D 
yayyers! i think we did quite well? maybe cause the choreo was kinda easy?
and i was kinda displeased about the crowd? they were so unsupportive.
they kept shouting out useless stuff like "booo!", "not hot la!", "so lousy la"
so yeahh. i was like, "you stupid idiot, if you dont wanna watch then just leave la."
so impolite to do that on our performance day. but then i guess some 
people stood up for us and like told them that if thry thought they could do
much better, they should just get on the stage and like show us what they got :)
so yeahh, haters will hate anyways, to all supporters! iloveyouall <3

this is us after performance with santa at backstage :) 
ho ho ho, merry Christmas! (Y) im so happy that we all look
happy in this picture. yayy! go Vanity! :D

so, did you like our performance? send me or our crew some comments! :)
thank you for reading and Merry Christmas! (Y)

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