Saturday, December 31, 2011

What''s Poppin'?!

soo dance life is back! we received a note that we were gonna be performing.
at Spring for this GotSoul (rival?) event thingy. soo,
it turned out to be this "What's Poppin' Vol.2. workshop and Battle" :)
so we just combined a few routines we've done before and that;s it?
took bout two days to finish the whole thing. btw, Cherry (leader) is back! :D

the shoes as prizes were offered and sponsored by Limited edition @ Spring :)
but it turn out to be that limited edition since one of my friends own like
the exact same pair for the first price :) oh wells. it's their event anyways.

they invited this so-called best popper in Kuching? Jackson Boogie J/ Jay (idk),
but first impression? i so do not like him. at all -__-"

back to the event, this was the workshop before the battle started.
Nai Thong : Poppin' is really hard shit -__- ---- LOL

i expected more people there tho. Kuching poppers too little :O

so anyways, this guy was the dj of the day :) i think he's from Feasible crew?
if i'm not mistaken. you can check out one of their videos HERE ! :)
 much respect for this crew y├íll (Y)

Chillies crew. Girls crew of Soul Dance. they did the opening number. 

back to the battle :) i sincerely laike this guy's dancing!
i cant believe they never gave him a chance to get into the finals :(
his expressions and what not was superb! (Y) *loves*

AHHAHA! this is Kixx! our Vanity crew manager :)
as well as cherry's brother. he joined i to fill in a vacant spot :)
so yeahh. well, news had it he didnt practice so oh wells. haha!

tada! this is my crew! (Y) with like missing two members?
i have a feeling i'll be the one missing next year :( oh man. *cries*
okayy enough of that, scroll down for pictures! :D Support Vanity Crew

thank you for the pictures! Credits to Julian Christian Sim! :)

esp love these two shots taken by one of our crew member WenWen :)

decided to do some photoshooting in Spring.
trust me it was super funny when we trying out this pose
on the escalator. everyone was staring and well, it was just funny!

*more pictures once Munie/WenWen uploads them!*
Updated :-

ohh my bad, i missed this out! Winner was Ameer from StepHolic! (Y)
yayyers! he deserved it! and the other two were Keo and Benard 
from GotSoul. *that was expected anyways* :) duh.

Vanity wishes you all a very Happy New Year (Y) 
photo credits to Munie/WenWen :)

after that met up with Bibi and Gabby since it was still early.
walked around Spring and met up with Malcolm at Starbucks. lol.
Met his friend Julian whom i met the other day at Jln Song Starbucks too.
so, Kuching really is small. He was also the photographer for Vanity
just now. (Y) ahha. new friend again #yayy.
wanted to watch movie but then they dont want so oh wells :(
Malcolm drove us around *he talks alot* and finally sent us all home. haha.
that was because Gabby was so indecisive of where to go -.-

oh wells, thank you everyone for supporting Vanity crew this year,
i hope we still gain your support for the year to come *which is tomorrow*.
signing off! till my next post xxx :)

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