Tuesday, December 20, 2011

dance events.

Dance events seemed to be pilling up ever since Vanity's appearance at Spring.
so yeahh, Senso Hilton invited Vanity to do a performance but on one
condition, dancers must be of legal age *cries* :(
so our seniors did the show for bunny night :) i'm sure they did well! :D

the next day, literally, we performed as back-up dancers for Astro :)
we performed at 101 in kuching :) so yeahh. 
this is us with one singer. well, the most good looking and can-sing singer there :3

took with this singer too. well, he sings kinda off tune, no offence. 
we had other costumes on for his dance but too bad we couldn't snap a photo :(
but, at least we have this :) we had no chance to snap picture with the female
singer though. btw, her fans are so so so noisy. ugh :)

anyway, i did few minor mistakes here and there. ohhmyy.
but hey good thing is, i didnt fall down in my 4 inch plus heels. muahaha :D
mission accomplished for that night . it was raining btw. so potong steam -.-
the stage was leaking some more. God bless me.  i was praying okay?! :D

for teh last number of the day, they danced a partner dance to a song the 
singer i said who was good looking above sang :) 

what a night. it was hard changing at the backstage. but hey new experience,
new danced gained. determination to do better ncreases.
what can be ever wrong bout dancing? :)
btw, boyfie came to support that night. awww. had a lil'argument but it has passed :)
that's bout it. till my next post bout Christmas eve, see you :)

p.s- vanity crew is performing at spring on Christmas eve <3
don't miss it k?

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