Thursday, December 26, 2013

Changes and more changes

WHOOOOP! Back with updates aside from my dance life teehee. Look at the amount of selfies I took for the past month! ;o There were way more but then my face would flood up the entire site heh. Actually if you've been following me on Instagram (@arielllo) or friends with me on Facebook then then you'd have seen most of the pictures already heh! It's been a rollercoaster for the past few weeks been crazy balancing time between showcases, college assignments, social life etc. Looked like a zombie for a couple of weeks..still look like one now tho :P and i dyed my hair blood red! It's not obvious in pictures sadly :(

Firstly updates on night life..

Out of all my club ootn shots i love these two the most heh. Started to enjoy going to clubs/bars since July or August this year cause I get to meet so many new people! Like really, MANY new people. And become friends with those who I thought was impossible to approach lolol. Also if your face is thick enough you can dance like crazy without caring what the rest think of you hehe. But please don't drink too much then drive. Accidents can happen! D:

One of those rare friends I met through clubs heh. First met him at Check In after highschool long ended and he gave me a surprise hug cause he was drunk! LOL. There you have it. A new friendship started lolol *inserts laughing emoji* Hai Jason. Posted this picture on Instagram and I received 5 congratulations for a supposedly relationship with him HAHAHAH WTF. You people are so funny lolol!

Been chilling a lot with him and Teresa especially. Late night conversations, confessions, drinks and stuff. Had way more alcohol consumption in this one month than in my entire life LOL. Better start to work out if not my beer belly omg.. I don't really want to imagine that. heh..

Another new friend, Chiangz! Heh spent last weekend with them and Christmas Eve with them patying to celebrate Christmas. Have a safe flight to Singapore and see you soon! xx

This was also during Christmas Eve. Havana Bar hosted a Masquerade party in conjunction of Christmas eve! We all coincidently dressed in black and red. Heh mad love for this picture from Angelina. Wooohh this girl sure can shake! & hi Jessica, small world after all! :D Apparently I've seen her before but never actually talked to her or remembered her till that night. Turned out she was Sharon's friend that's why she looked so familair heh! :P

Last two weekends topped off my club nights with a blast Just look at my check-ins. 3 rounds in one night? Crazy cray-cray! Literally took partying till dawn to a whole different level. Reached home at dawn, passed out at dawn! LOL. McDonald's is like my second home now for food lol. There's like no other places open! We need more 24/7 food places in Kuching!

Besides meeting tons of people and receiving tons of love from strangers and new friends, it always comes along with receiving tons of criticism from others also. Firstly may I just say, "People should start closing their judgemental mouths a little tighter and open their minds a little wider." I club, so people think I'm a rebel. I dance in clubs, so people think I'm a whore or stripper etc. I meet many new people and socialize but people think I'm just plain horny for attention or shit like that. Well, a big fuck you. I enjoy the music, so i dance. I enjoy the company, so I socialize. I go clubs, cause I just like places like this. The only problem here is your capability of not thinking positive instead of negative. I mean, what's with the saint-like attitude? We're all fucked up in our own ways. So stfu if you have nothing nice to say. I have never gotten drunk/wasted, never done drugs - so what do you have to complain about?

College life..

Picture with the girls on the last day of classes before our study break of two weeks then exams. Meh! All assignments have finally been done and as of now, all exams are officially over too! Assignments have been crazy tiring and stressful especially for me! Every due date clashes with a dance performance like wtf -_- But I did manage to get everything done well and none of my assignments were rejected! HALLELUJAH! :D So happy and I think out of my assignments I'm most proud of my Electronic Publishing one! Assignments aside, exam papers were rather tough and my only hope is that I actually manage to pass all my subjects o_o! YES IT WAS THAT HARD. Trust me I studied very hard too! and I'm usually the type to not want to study at all BUT I DID! *crossing fingers and praying hard* Please make my hard work be worth it! :X

Left: Copywriting magazine assignment. Right: E.P booklet assignment! Took me an all nighter of 6 hours to complete my EP booklet, sketches, mini booklet, CD production and photoshopping shit! But, it was so worth it! I adore my booklet. Okay lah, maybe I could have done way better if I didn't procrastinate but can't blame me! I have practices for showcases until super late hehe. Did a booklet about Kesh and a presentation on the due date. Lecturer said she has no complaints at all about my design and booklet except that there's one page where the image is blur BOOO. But yay! Really do not want to repeat this subject cause it's super time consuming costs a LOT. my booklet cost me RM100 hahah -_-   Go watch my instavideo on my entire assignment on my instagram @arielllo


To celebrate the end of finals, went to clubs but other than that went out for dinner with le coursemates! :D Richmond place for dinner then I drove them to Jelly Beancurd for dessert. (Thanks Ivory for photographing us) Great bonding time before Catherine and Venesson leave for their hometowns. Note: Vanee's ever changing expressions LOL.


Actually got my ass up at 7am for the 8am gym sesh with these two bishes. Omg that abs exercise thingy omg. It was so bloody torturous! D: BUT LOOK, MUST SELFIE IN GYM WHEN AB LINES SHOW. Decided I have no motivation and shit for gym so I rather do my own core strength and abs exercise at home lolol. I get to save money, time and decide my waking up time too :D *lazy people's excuses*

Also been hanging out a lot with said above lol. Spent the entire afternoon of 3 hours with her in a bookstore.A bookstore wtf? Also made us realize we actually have inner nerds too lolol. So gonna miss her when she's gone! :( Two months more.. noooooo.  T_T

Watched 47 Ronin with these boys not too long ago! Must say I quite liked the movie despite some scenes being dragged on for too long. I watched the trailer and insisted to Jason that I must watch this movie lolol. Thankfully he agreed and said he felt the same way yay! :D
However, for Chiangz....he came without knowing what movie we were watching and apparently he watched the same movie that afternoon itself! omg. laugh die me! HAHAH. Blame Jason for not telling him the movie title, so for the enitre movie time he looked at his phone screen and kept spoiling scenes for Jason instead HAHAH :'D

Attended a Karar LIne Dancing Red Carpet event with mum and met up with some friends there too. Wore a little black dress i managed to find last minute-ly. What? You can never go wrong with black. hahah! Used to really enjoy events like these when i was younger but now I really find it boring already.. But, i had an event to look forward to that night so oh wells. :D (Club 3 rounds then sent Miles off at the airport)

Family time! Despite it, mum gathered the family on Christmas to have dinner and celebrate together. Honestly, it was kinda awkward for me cause I haven't actually seen my cousins for years o_o. So yes, there was not much talking cause basically there's nothing to talk about,..sadly. Um, but still the family was gathered on my mum's side and we have a lovely dinner thanks to my grandma :D
Sometimes I really wish my family are as close knitted as others but then I thought about how my mum, grandma and bro has always been there for me and I am blessed enough. Thank you for loving me no matter what and for loving me for the years to come. :')

This onwards is gonna be a rant post so if you do not want to read angry, depressing, sad, soap opera of my life, feel free to scroll down and enjoy the video down below lolol. Okay, so recently I've made many many new friends and also lost many friends. And one of the most despicable attitude in a person is how they can manage to find fault with anything, anyone and simply just everything! Like HOW? I do not get you guys. You guys make a complete mockery out out everything or anyone! And then complain how your lives suck balls. Well Sherlock, just stop finding fault, shifting blames and making your own life miserable, and you might actually enjoy life a little more. I used to get really sucked into this and feeling sad and depressed. I used to think whether I did anything wrong or offended you guys day and night. I used to feel like I will never be good enough or that I'm just a fucking nuisance to you guys. I feel that I was never liked after all and shit. But let me tell you, when I finally decided that I am not gonna take in any of your crap anymore and start isolating myself away and actually live my life my own way.. wow. I swear, I have never been happier. I look around and suddenly feel sorry for you people cause of the way you look at life. All the negativity and insecurity of yours just make you feel superior in making other's life feel like hell. Does it make you feel happier? I bet after that , each of you go home and go back to yourself. You then realise how fcked up you actually are, taking pleasure in someone's downfall and mocking others for your own benefit. But if you aren't mature enough to do that or even think that way, well, bless you then. One day, you're gonna step on somebody's tail whose not gonna be as gracious or merciful as others you have stepped on. I treated you people genuinely. I sincerely wanted to be a good friend. I thought you guys were the same. Sorry. Silly me. I thought wrong. However, thank you for your amusing antics. Hope we can have another good talk or try at this genuine friendship thing when you have obtained the maturity you actually need. This applies to everyone who felt like I was writing about them. After all, if the shoe fits..just wear it, bitch. xoxo

Another thing to rant about.... This picture explains me when I get too attached to someone. Did something happen to make it a routine for you that you just get used to it and when it doesn't happen for just a day, you feel like something is missing from your life or you feel forgotten and shit? For example, phone calls that changed from daily to weekly then to none at all? You feel like you're forgotten and not important or you were "just another person" to the other. Well, this fucking sucks. I'm just gonna say/type this out loud. Im fucking sick and tired of always being the girl that "people cannot talk about." I mean as in I feel that I have a little something going on with someone then he just makes it as if I don't exist but when alone treats me like royalty. I am sick of it. I want to be someone you can brag about to your friends. I want to be someone you're actually proud of to know and that you're not fucking afraid to let the world know.All these "flings" are making me tired and somewhat depressed. I'm annoyed at this. I'm fucking done. You want a rebound girl for the time being? She's not gonna be. You want a temporary fling? She's not me either. Gof ind someone else to play with. I am rebuilding my walls with every ounce of strength and dignity I have. And they're not gonna come down as easy as before anymore. Someone recently asked me, "Why do you keep your guard up all the time? What are you so afraid of?" THIS. I am afraid of someone using me, hurting me, lying to me and fucking with me. Yep. I'm done ranting. *deep breath*
I've changed so much in just a couple of months And have kept changing this entire year. Those who have always stood by me have proven themselves real but those who have left, I know where I stand now.

Enjoy. Currently raping replay button for the song and any dance choreographed to this song. xx
Till my next post. TA-TA! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Vanity updates!

Sups! I've been away from blogger for so long! Have been neglecting it due to hectic schedules and cause of Dayre! >:(  It's just too convenient cause I can just upload photos at once and stuff like that (p.s./ it's way more efficient than the blogger app for iPhones too) Do follow me on Dayre btw teehee. I'll post short updates on daily happenings that don't appear here lolol. Username : ariello

ANYWAYS, (selfie from Ground Zero party, Swinburne above)

Vanity Crew did a showcase at the Ground Zero party due to Halloween at Swinburne probably a month ago? idk I can't remember LOL. Some shots of us on stage. Have no complaints except that the lighting crew was horrible during our performanance! :( We could barely see the stage! I think i slapped one of my crew members without even realizing it lolol. oops. sorry? :P

Posting this picture cause Beverly looks so happy here! :D

Other pictures by various photographers that night. Feasible Dance Studio was also invited to do showcases along with Stepholic, so thumbs up for supporting the dance scene in Kuching wheee! :D Our outfits kinda coordinated by coincidence that day too heh.


we had a themed showcase, which means... DRESS UP! YES. I LIKE, NO I LOVE. teehee. Hashtag, i can be girly too lolol! Burlesque costume of that night. we performed the Burlesque routine twice. First ar Grand Magherita and the next day at Four Points. Yes, look at me sparkle like a disco ball! ^__^v 

and of course pretty photos are a must as well as, occasional ugly one LOL. (our tradition of making ugly poses and faces heh :P) BUT, you cannot deny we look glamorous that night. Thank God too, since i pulled an all nighter sewing sequins onto my costume! asdfghjkl.. t(-.-t) Do you know how torturous that was with a 9am class waiting for me? meh...zz. Nvm, at least I am all glittery and oh lala!

Realised that this is also by far the most revealing costume I've dared to wear on stage despite me not having a Victoria Secret Angel's body but what the hell. But Kixx and the others said that the costume really gave us extra points on the stage so yayyy? :D Oh and we collaborated with Jessika from Soul Dance for this event. It was a pleasure *British accent*

We also did a Broadway number for the event at Four Points aside from the Burlesque one. The costume was fine except I keep feleing my butt overly exposed due to the "swimsuit high waist pants." It was themed, "Carnival Night 2013", which explains the need to dress up I guess? LOOK AT OUR HEELS. Nice to see, pretty to look at at, once danced in, considered torture LOL. My heel strap came of halfway through this routine and hell, did i clench my feet so the shoe wouldn't fly off and hit someone square in the face. HAHAH, that would be priceless tho! :P

Third routine of the night was Street Jazz. We did a totally different concept this time instead of our usual hard-hitting routines. We used songs like, Cater to You (Destiny's Child), Call You Out (??) and Good luck (Jaxx Basement). We wanted a mature, young woman feel, so we bought XL white shirts, black translucent stockings and wore heels to bring out the sexy girlfriend in boyfriend's tee vibe. Mad love for this and definitely want to dance it again! :D

 Found some photos and thought of something hilarious. Check this out..(scroll down)
How we think we look like...
 How we actually look like.. LOLOL HAHAH :D :P

and more pictures...before people start commenting on my thighs, remember! BEYONCE' HAS NO THIGH GAP TOO AND SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. YES. That is my reassurance of my insecurity problems LOL! Plus, woman with an ass is better than no ass? I guess? :P 

Too many photos to post up so I'll just choose my favourite among all. Teehee. :D (p.s/ you can watch our videos of the Burlesque and Street Jazz showcases, HERE!!)


Did a showcase for Puma's Grand opening not too long ago and we only put the routine together a day before. (dui bu qu, too last minute dy but still fine i guess? :p) We had to dance a energetic dance so we mixed kpop and hiphop together.. Actually only one kpop song lahh.. We had to wear the Puma apparels for the dance and sadly we weren't sponsored any items at all.(booo, why like this?) and it was funny! We looked like we were gonna do Zumba or Aerobics on stage instead HAHAHA. :'D

Later that night,

Headed over to Soul Dance studio to do final rehearsal and then shoot for our Christmas surprise video (which has been revealed!) RINGA-RINGA-LING, RINGA-RINGA-LINGGGG! AHAHA, we did a dance cover of Taeyang's Ringa Linga with Soul Dance and Heart to Heart all the wya from Sri Aman. But before shooting and whie waiting for others we start to camwhore again lolol. Look at my eyes! Effect of wide lens teehee and also kiasu eyeliner and falsies la :P

Vanity Crew. Super love this compilation of these 4 shots together :D

Screenshots of our parts in the video.

Thank you Soul Dance for arranging this and dealing with the technical difficulties and other shit. Also sorry the recording was rushed cause of me. Didn't expect it to take that long so I had made other plans before hand. oops. so sorry D: BUT .. it still came out nice teehee. :D


Celebrated Vanity Crew's belated second anniversary since Borneo Dance Competition in 2011. I still remember the date well leh! 17 November marks each year as a new one for us. Celebrated with the girls with Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake and a late night movie. Battle of the Year was not bad for me. It focuses more on bboy-ing though, so don't expect to see girl's style and stuff like in the Step Up series. I wished D-trix was given more parts in the movie tho. Total waste :(
So since we were so hyped up by it we all did a solo freeze each at the banner of the movie in front of the Gsc counter omg the lookers by were starring hard LOL. Most common and only one I can do is...the baby freeze AHAH. Damn, i suck. lol. BUT STILL LOOK MAMA, NO HEAD LEANING ON FLOOR heh. Does this mean I have strong upper body strength? :P

I am salivating to this picture right now. Craving for some... Now that i think back, why did i willingly give up my Oreo LOL. I want one now! ahh, the pig in me..Not hungry.. but still want to eat. Sighhhhhhhhh. However, I do seriously need to keep fit because..*drum rolls, scroll down*

OMFGG. WE GOT INTO THE FINALS. Seriously, I didn't expect to get in cause of the lack of votes we were getting, plus my friends like not friends like that dont wanna help me vote daily hmmmph jk i still love you guys and sometimes we forget to vote for ourselves also lolol. So we didn't prepare at all and BAM. I'm a little worried now cause the finals will be in KL on the 11th of Jan 2014 which leaves us, less than two weeks to prepare *hyperventilates cause of anxiety!*. Time to overnight at the studio cause the practices are gonna be so hardcore! Heh, anyways, WISH US LUCK! :D and of course, thank you for those who voted for us! Meanwhile, enjoy our Ringa Linga dance cover below! Merry Christmas everybody! :D

Monday, October 28, 2013

Crazy October

In a blink of an eye, October's almost over. It's been a while since i last blogged and i apologize. So much stuff happened yet again. My life seems to be rather "happening" now, i presume. heh ^_^v Anyways, here are most of the selfies I took this month. There are A LOT A LOT more but these will have to suffice lol. Just a post to kill time and also to keep this blog site of mine somewhat updated.

* I dyed my hait blonde but it came out in uneven tones of brown. I somewhat like it tho :D
* Been working on my ab lines real lot yet... i still eat REAL LOT. so heh.. that will be delayed LOL.
* Been taking a lot of mirror ootd shots lately. 
* Got into a car accident and has been car-less for the past month and im so sad i wanna craii :(
* Visited the police station so many times i can just waltz in and proclaim, "IM HOME HUNNYYYY!"

*Been out partying a lot lately. Junk Backstage has become "THE" nightspot for me.
*Met a lot of new people and made a few friends. (yay for more social life?)
*Had one of the most enjoyable after party nights and literally danced the whole night away.
*Best "wingman" of my entire clubbing life award goes to the only and only bish, Teresa lolol! (she's leaving for Melb in like 100+days. t(-.-t) asdfghjkl whai is everyone leaving wtf?)

(Haven't spent as much time as i would have liked with them recently cause of my crazy dance schedule and i feel so left out and forgotten! and and i feel like a spare tyre wtf ashjkl. wtf. argh my insecurities and my thoughts are fcked lol)

*spent quite an amount of time with college friends for the past weeks, just from 7am breakfasts to late night cruising around Kuching cause we have no where to go lol, to horrible karaoke sessions and dreadful, tiring classes. 
*recorded and made a birthday video(surprise) for our one and only bloody girl, Vvien. Happy 19th and may all your dreams come true +sprinkles fairy dust+ 
* got through with both presentations and left with one final presentation for A.P classes.
*finished 2 assignments out of 7. redid the whole of my E.P assignment 1 cause my lecturer said - "Actually i think you could have done so much better. I was expecting more from you." fml i hate it when i get these comments. It's as if i never try to do my best and live up to people's expectations argh. BUT still i did redo it and I guess she thinks I gave my best shot now lolol. Yay?
* stayed up crazy late and had like 2-3 hours of sleep for the past 1 week since I can only rush my assignments after dance pracs every night. HHAHAHA UGH.

*and this is why I've been so busy. all these in only 2 weeks wtf*

* had crazy amount of showcases lately. AND PRACTICES. CRAY-CRAY I TELL YOU.

#1. Halloween Showcase at HUB Lounge&Karaoke. I dressed as a dead clown/corpse/whatever you wanna call me as LOL. Each crew member dressed differently. Honestly, this was one of the most interesting and fun showcases we've done cause we have acting and somewhat "dressing up" to do! :D

Found a spot to take pictures after the showcase. Thus, post Halloween showcase pictures! Guess the characters we're trying to portray? :D We hope you have a good night's sleep xx

"The scariest nightmares are usually the ones that lie within you."

and well, this is us trying to be all funny in our scary costumes lolol.

#2. October Fest showcases at Senso Hilton and Rajang Lounge at Grand Magherita. They provided us with these "milk-maid" look alike costumes to dance... the.. chicken dance. lolol LMFAO. 

*did so many shows this week that I can't really keep track anymore lol*

*our practice timetables and events omfg*

Tiring, but i love it. Despite the fact I don't have my car which makes it rather annoying since i need transport all the time. But yesh, it feels good to be busy with shows again after quite a long two months break ._. yay!

#3. Joined the 6th Gatsby Dance Competiton. We have to submit our audition video via YouTube. Length must be 1 minute and we have to mix up our soundtracks only by using the music and sound effects provided. Number of people are limited to 3 per crew. ^^^^ this was our get up that day! We were not allowed to use snapbacks tho :( 
(watch a snipbit of the snapback version on my instagram @arielllo)

 Please please please do us a favour and watch our youtube submission video and give it a thumbs up? We're not so sure whether it's judged while taking in consideration of the views and likes so any form of support would be appreciated!
click HERE !! :D

and um, I've been skyping a lot lately. Most people who added me on WeChat would know so..yeah ^_^v
 *for some reason I really like this screenshot he took*

*You are the most frustrating person I wanna choke, yet hug at the same time*
So I've been rather annoyed with time zones, distance, and shit like this. Cause, you feel like home and that's where i'd wanna go. Sorry for the picture spam, i just had to LOLOL. ^_^v

Note: here's the Gatbsy Dance Audition Video. Thank you for all your support :D xx