Monday, October 28, 2013

Crazy October

In a blink of an eye, October's almost over. It's been a while since i last blogged and i apologize. So much stuff happened yet again. My life seems to be rather "happening" now, i presume. heh ^_^v Anyways, here are most of the selfies I took this month. There are A LOT A LOT more but these will have to suffice lol. Just a post to kill time and also to keep this blog site of mine somewhat updated.

* I dyed my hait blonde but it came out in uneven tones of brown. I somewhat like it tho :D
* Been working on my ab lines real lot yet... i still eat REAL LOT. so heh.. that will be delayed LOL.
* Been taking a lot of mirror ootd shots lately. 
* Got into a car accident and has been car-less for the past month and im so sad i wanna craii :(
* Visited the police station so many times i can just waltz in and proclaim, "IM HOME HUNNYYYY!"

*Been out partying a lot lately. Junk Backstage has become "THE" nightspot for me.
*Met a lot of new people and made a few friends. (yay for more social life?)
*Had one of the most enjoyable after party nights and literally danced the whole night away.
*Best "wingman" of my entire clubbing life award goes to the only and only bish, Teresa lolol! (she's leaving for Melb in like 100+days. t(-.-t) asdfghjkl whai is everyone leaving wtf?)

(Haven't spent as much time as i would have liked with them recently cause of my crazy dance schedule and i feel so left out and forgotten! and and i feel like a spare tyre wtf ashjkl. wtf. argh my insecurities and my thoughts are fcked lol)

*spent quite an amount of time with college friends for the past weeks, just from 7am breakfasts to late night cruising around Kuching cause we have no where to go lol, to horrible karaoke sessions and dreadful, tiring classes. 
*recorded and made a birthday video(surprise) for our one and only bloody girl, Vvien. Happy 19th and may all your dreams come true +sprinkles fairy dust+ 
* got through with both presentations and left with one final presentation for A.P classes.
*finished 2 assignments out of 7. redid the whole of my E.P assignment 1 cause my lecturer said - "Actually i think you could have done so much better. I was expecting more from you." fml i hate it when i get these comments. It's as if i never try to do my best and live up to people's expectations argh. BUT still i did redo it and I guess she thinks I gave my best shot now lolol. Yay?
* stayed up crazy late and had like 2-3 hours of sleep for the past 1 week since I can only rush my assignments after dance pracs every night. HHAHAHA UGH.

*and this is why I've been so busy. all these in only 2 weeks wtf*

* had crazy amount of showcases lately. AND PRACTICES. CRAY-CRAY I TELL YOU.

#1. Halloween Showcase at HUB Lounge&Karaoke. I dressed as a dead clown/corpse/whatever you wanna call me as LOL. Each crew member dressed differently. Honestly, this was one of the most interesting and fun showcases we've done cause we have acting and somewhat "dressing up" to do! :D

Found a spot to take pictures after the showcase. Thus, post Halloween showcase pictures! Guess the characters we're trying to portray? :D We hope you have a good night's sleep xx

"The scariest nightmares are usually the ones that lie within you."

and well, this is us trying to be all funny in our scary costumes lolol.

#2. October Fest showcases at Senso Hilton and Rajang Lounge at Grand Magherita. They provided us with these "milk-maid" look alike costumes to dance... the.. chicken dance. lolol LMFAO. 

*did so many shows this week that I can't really keep track anymore lol*

*our practice timetables and events omfg*

Tiring, but i love it. Despite the fact I don't have my car which makes it rather annoying since i need transport all the time. But yesh, it feels good to be busy with shows again after quite a long two months break ._. yay!

#3. Joined the 6th Gatsby Dance Competiton. We have to submit our audition video via YouTube. Length must be 1 minute and we have to mix up our soundtracks only by using the music and sound effects provided. Number of people are limited to 3 per crew. ^^^^ this was our get up that day! We were not allowed to use snapbacks tho :( 
(watch a snipbit of the snapback version on my instagram @arielllo)

 Please please please do us a favour and watch our youtube submission video and give it a thumbs up? We're not so sure whether it's judged while taking in consideration of the views and likes so any form of support would be appreciated!
click HERE !! :D

and um, I've been skyping a lot lately. Most people who added me on WeChat would know so..yeah ^_^v
 *for some reason I really like this screenshot he took*

*You are the most frustrating person I wanna choke, yet hug at the same time*
So I've been rather annoyed with time zones, distance, and shit like this. Cause, you feel like home and that's where i'd wanna go. Sorry for the picture spam, i just had to LOLOL. ^_^v

Note: here's the Gatbsy Dance Audition Video. Thank you for all your support :D xx

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