Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Eve!

Last post of 2012 which was delayed. Happy new year everybody! :D

note: all pictures were from iPhone hence the quality. except for the poster above lol.
Vanity got a gig to perform at the Old bazaar cafe in town on new  year's eve! It was really a rushing event for me since i havent learnt most of the dances compared to the rest, but by God's will and much determination and pain? lol, i managed to pull it through? teehee ^_^v

How the place looked. it looked gloomy since i took a picture when the lights turned green. such luck -.- too lazy to retake anything so this would have to do. You get the idea. haha. The crowd were a bunch of wild, young adults and some adults who were just ugh lol.
there was beer drinking competition and we had to drag a guy each up to the stage to participate, lol i dragged John from the crew up on stage since i didn't dare to drag anyone else. oops!
But thank you for helping me out teehee, you're the best! :D

Vanity was directed to a personal lounge backstage and that's where we chilled while waiting for our turn to perform and stuff. This was the main costume of that night, too bad Bev didn't dance this number, should have asked her to bring her denim shirt to camwhore with us too LOL.

note: i tried to edit my tummy which looked humongous, failed miserably so can you please ignore that? i am working on a flat with abs tummy, so be patient with me *le sigh* haha! :D

well, hello there! ^__^v

With Munie :D

and our new year's kiss? LOL. look at my pathetic duck lips wtf wtf HAHAHAH!
anyways, in between the show we walked to Plaza merdeka for the sake of roadside burger on the way and Ding tea the rain LOL. romantic or not? HAHA. Thanks Kixx for the treat teehee. This explains why i've been sick lately, stupid rain :(

it was finally 12.00am and welcome 2013! xx Headed of the King's Arm Bar for after party but it was so crowded so we decided to go to the Curve Bar instead. There was this couple who were so passionate in the King's Arm. GET A ROOM OMG. LOL. :O

the huge thing i've never seen before lol. Sakai. because most clubs or bars i go to usually serve by the bucket, meaning bottles and stuff like that haha. Made some new friends, which reminds me i need to pay Kixx for the beer LOL. Thanks to me who reminded me. :P

This picture concludes my favourite picture of the night :D 

oh and mad love for this picture taken by Jasz's boyfriend xx
How did you spend your new year's celebration? ;)

Summary of Christmas 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! In my logic it's still Christmas since there are 12 days?
whatever, new year post later teehee. I'd like to summarize all my Christmas "happenings"in 
one blog post. This is  my Christmas day face, btw, Happy Birthday, Jesus! :D
umm, and yes, my hair. new post about that in a bit too~

as usual, went to church that morning to celebrate. Picture above with Ivory. Missing Sharon who shipped her ass to KL already. pfft! had a hard time waking up that morning since i spent Christmas eve with the crew at Triangle (previous post). 

Didint take picture with everyone that day but finally had a picture with this guy who calls me his mum? LOL. nevertheless, first picture with Nai Thong, EVER. :D


After service, went over to Abigail's house for lunch celebration we usually have annually.
Kinda got lost looking for her house and yet Ivory(she was driving) went. "i know i know, i can bring!" end up.. LOST. her brother had to come and lead the way in another car instead.
FAIL LA YOU. HAHAHAHHA. but we arrived safely. seriously why does she have to live
so damn far away? but nvm, it's Christmas. haha. had some alcohol and cakes there.
Mingled around for a lil' while then headed of the Plaza Merdeka with Ivory and August.
Diva was having sale! Bought two items which were originally priced at RM49.90 and RM21
for only RM3 each! WHAT A STEAL! BUY ALL THE STUFF! :D
Headed home after 12 hours of being out. That's my Christmas Day concluded.

Attended another event arranged by the Karar Line Dancers association. Christmas Hoe Down.
This was my ootd, ootn, lotn, lotd, or whatever you call it! White uneven dress, black covered
heels, nude stockings, spiked necklace, leather jacket and bangles. 

A praise-worthy shot taken by a photographer there. Thank you very much xxx
Honestly speaking, i've been to many of these kind of events since i teach kids line dance, (it's the easiest dance to teach young kids fyi!) so i conclude that night.. a boring one? im sorry! D:
but it was so boring until me and my other two peeps who help out also were yawning at the table!
It has never been this dead before. LOL. 

Another praise-worthy shot! Brought the denim-boyfriend-shirt for a performance with
some of the kids i taught that day. it was just so-so i guess? But i swear, im in love with the denim top so much i think i will wear it very, very , very , VERY often. yep.

NEXT, before everything said above, Vanity did a collab with Soul Dance to perform.
This was my face of the day? Chio or not? Sorry, just being vain really. If not, i blame the lousy iPhone 4/4s front camera, sigh. Only wanting the new iPhone5 for the front camera LOL.

Anyway, did a flashmob with Soul Dance dancers and students? It was fine just that we didn't
have any "kick" at all to perform, again, it felt dead. after we performed, it felt as if we didnt even perform at all. lol. Straight after performance we went up to Damai to meet up with Cherry and Jasz who were performing a diff routine at a diff time at Damai. Crazy making us travel that far late at night just for a performance. They did great tho. it was at the cultural village. I love that place because.. its cooling and relaxing in some way? idk. i like bamboo houses? LOL.

After they performed it was damn late already since their performance were delayed. plans of heading to EscoBar was cancelled since we were all dead tired and stuff. reached home by 1, 2 plus and zonked out till about noon the next day oops :P

the only picture of Vanity members who performed at Spring with Miyoko. i am missing my long black hair :O what is wrong with me? But seriously tho, look below!

How to not miss? It looks so healthy, long and nice! (self praise, please ignore haha)
Selcas taken during performance for a wedding that month too. Crazy packed schedule for December! But for now,say goodbye to December! and let's welcome 2013. xx

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Eve celebration

Finally Christmas eve has arrived, no selcas of myself surprisingly :O but anyways,
Vanity got a gig to perform at Traingle Pub that night so we kinda went early to prepare and such.
we reached at about 9pm, early for a pub, huh?

the deejay stand. we didnt have a stage to perform on, so we had to make do with the space in
the front, i reckoned they got the name "Triangle" for the pub as the inside is more or less
shaped like a triangle as well, LOL.

there was beer drinking competition along with a few shots,

and also lucky draws! my number was 0078 but the emcee just had to draw all the 007*
numbers but not mine, what in the world -__-

Kixx and Teresa~!

the emcee and the winner of the beer competition.

two other emcee-alike people and Triangle pub's staff. these two were ridiculously funny at times!

Xiao Bai was the deejay that night! so the music was awesomee!

i think this was taken towards the end of the party. Huge dislike was that some man decided to
play those long, red firecrackers which you usually play during Chinese new Year,
INSIDE the pub. Emphasize on the INSIDE! -.- we choked and choked and had to
vacate the room. not to mention, some of the "pow" decided to hit my face! However, i
think he felt guilty since he paid for the beer for everyone that night, so cheers, bro!

Teresa left right after the show and Jasz left soon after that, so the three of us were left.
We had so much fun that night! We should do this more often, dancing in the club i mean LOL.
not an alcoholic. never would be i guess? since i don't favour a beer belly :/

Thanks to GroovyGlam for creating this event and inviting Vanity Crew to perform for you!
Lastly, HAVE AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS everybody! muah! xx
Video summary of that awesome night down below!