Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Eve celebration

Finally Christmas eve has arrived, no selcas of myself surprisingly :O but anyways,
Vanity got a gig to perform at Traingle Pub that night so we kinda went early to prepare and such.
we reached at about 9pm, early for a pub, huh?

the deejay stand. we didnt have a stage to perform on, so we had to make do with the space in
the front, i reckoned they got the name "Triangle" for the pub as the inside is more or less
shaped like a triangle as well, LOL.

there was beer drinking competition along with a few shots,

and also lucky draws! my number was 0078 but the emcee just had to draw all the 007*
numbers but not mine, what in the world -__-

Kixx and Teresa~!

the emcee and the winner of the beer competition.

two other emcee-alike people and Triangle pub's staff. these two were ridiculously funny at times!

Xiao Bai was the deejay that night! so the music was awesomee!

i think this was taken towards the end of the party. Huge dislike was that some man decided to
play those long, red firecrackers which you usually play during Chinese new Year,
INSIDE the pub. Emphasize on the INSIDE! -.- we choked and choked and had to
vacate the room. not to mention, some of the "pow" decided to hit my face! However, i
think he felt guilty since he paid for the beer for everyone that night, so cheers, bro!

Teresa left right after the show and Jasz left soon after that, so the three of us were left.
We had so much fun that night! We should do this more often, dancing in the club i mean LOL.
not an alcoholic. never would be i guess? since i don't favour a beer belly :/

Thanks to GroovyGlam for creating this event and inviting Vanity Crew to perform for you!
Lastly, HAVE AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS everybody! muah! xx
Video summary of that awesome night down below!

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