Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Eve!

Last post of 2012 which was delayed. Happy new year everybody! :D

note: all pictures were from iPhone hence the quality. except for the poster above lol.
Vanity got a gig to perform at the Old bazaar cafe in town on new  year's eve! It was really a rushing event for me since i havent learnt most of the dances compared to the rest, but by God's will and much determination and pain? lol, i managed to pull it through? teehee ^_^v

How the place looked. it looked gloomy since i took a picture when the lights turned green. such luck -.- too lazy to retake anything so this would have to do. You get the idea. haha. The crowd were a bunch of wild, young adults and some adults who were just ugh lol.
there was beer drinking competition and we had to drag a guy each up to the stage to participate, lol i dragged John from the crew up on stage since i didn't dare to drag anyone else. oops!
But thank you for helping me out teehee, you're the best! :D

Vanity was directed to a personal lounge backstage and that's where we chilled while waiting for our turn to perform and stuff. This was the main costume of that night, too bad Bev didn't dance this number, should have asked her to bring her denim shirt to camwhore with us too LOL.

note: i tried to edit my tummy which looked humongous, failed miserably so can you please ignore that? i am working on a flat with abs tummy, so be patient with me *le sigh* haha! :D

well, hello there! ^__^v

With Munie :D

and our new year's kiss? LOL. look at my pathetic duck lips wtf wtf HAHAHAH!
anyways, in between the show we walked to Plaza merdeka for the sake of roadside burger on the way and Ding tea the rain LOL. romantic or not? HAHA. Thanks Kixx for the treat teehee. This explains why i've been sick lately, stupid rain :(

it was finally 12.00am and welcome 2013! xx Headed of the King's Arm Bar for after party but it was so crowded so we decided to go to the Curve Bar instead. There was this couple who were so passionate in the King's Arm. GET A ROOM OMG. LOL. :O

the huge thing i've never seen before lol. Sakai. because most clubs or bars i go to usually serve by the bucket, meaning bottles and stuff like that haha. Made some new friends, which reminds me i need to pay Kixx for the beer LOL. Thanks to me who reminded me. :P

This picture concludes my favourite picture of the night :D 

oh and mad love for this picture taken by Jasz's boyfriend xx
How did you spend your new year's celebration? ;)

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