Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gatsby KL Finals.

It's been a while since i've updated but hello! :) Been real busy, and i mean, really really busy these few weeks and never actually had the time to sit down and blog. But here are some updates teehee! Went on a sudden last minute trip to KL for 4 days and 3 nights on the 18th of Jan till the 21st. 
This is my airplane face.

Apparently my dad decided to spoil me and sponsored my whole trip. He gave me 1K to spend on tickets and other stuff. It was more than enough since the hotel and everything else like transport were sponsored! Except other additional cab fares. Why?

I decided to tag along on this trip with my crew, Vanity Crew since they are participating in the Gatsby Dance Competition Finals Malaysia! They won the semi finals in Kuching, our hometown last October, so they're here now! I didn't get to compete along-side them since the max. participants is 3 person per group and i had exams. Oh wells, at least i get the VIP pass! :D

The venue for this competition was seriously interesting and damn dope! When they told us the competition was to be held on the skating ring at Sunway Pyramid, i was damn skeptical about it. But damn, i was impressed. I am super jelly. I also want to dance there! T__T Cons were that it was super cold i couldn't feel my feet lol. But then again, i always get cold easily so i guess it's just me?

All the participants for the event.

 And of course, my beloved crew! :D

I woke up the next day from the sound of three friggin' alarms wtf. and to top that misery, it was only 7.30am. It should be a sin to get up that early. I mean, i need my beauty sleep okay? But the rest had to get up to prepare for rehearsals so i might as well get up too. This was my face of the day. Teresa helped me with my hair. yay!

This was my outfit of the day! Skeleton ribcage pullover (it's the exact same kind like the one GD wore in his "One of a Kind" MV!*fangirl moment), acid-washed teal-green jeggings, my loyal Nikes and spiked hairband. I love hotels for their full length mirrors!

We were not the only Kuching-nites present at the event. StepHolic's Ameer was also here to compete! Kuching represents yáll! :D

This dance venue is amazing. Too amazing i can't even find words to describe it. After rehearsals they all had about an hour or so to gather their stuff and get ready. I played the nanny-slash-mummy role and took their bags and other stuff haha. I'm such a nice person, i know.

I left them to do their thing and entered the skating ring, oh, i met up with Sharon btw. It's been too long since we've met up and i can't believe i didn't take a picture with her. SERIOUSLY? T_T
But anyways, back to the event, would you look at the crowd! It was packed even though the event had yet to start.

To say that i screamed my lungs out was an understatement, i think i lost my voice hahah. Now some pictures of them doing their thing,

Hearing the judges comments. They didn't have any bad comments! YAY! Oh, and their outfit of the day. I bought the exact same pair of pants from Kitshen! Talk about coincident much? :D

The judges of the event. Vanity Crew won second runner up! WOOHOOOO proud member of Vanity here yáll! Vanity with FishBoy, Boojae and Fellest!

With the other two winners of this event! First runner up, Funk-P and of course, champon, Pitt Den! Congratulations! Champion gets to go to Japan and compete against other dancers from different countries! :D

Now to bombard you with happy pictures! 

With Ameer from StepHolic!

Don't know why i'm grinning like a maniac but here's a pic with some supporters and friends of Vanity Crew!

Group photo of all the contestants.

I am so proud of my girls. I mean, i've seen them work so hard for it and it would break my heart if all that came to nothing! But they won nevertheless so im happy happy happy! :D

Okay. I am in love with this picture of me and FishBoy. He is a professional Japanese popper and also judge of the day. He thinks we're all, umm KAWAII LOL> I think he meant our height tho. :P But that doesn't change the fact he is so damn hot! D: and and out of my league, duh. T_T

The ultimate fangirl moment we all had! AHAHHA. See what i mean by short? :/ Okay lah. At least i'm the tallest among my crew in this picture nghehehe :3

We attended FishBoy's popping workshop the next day and i figured popping will never be my thing since i can barely doa simple hand pop or whatever you call it LOL. But he was so awesome. I swear he pops to oriental slow music! WHO DOES THAT?! Another turn on pfft! I swear i think i'll never see him again! T_T

But the workshop was definitely worth going to. It's new experience and the highlight of the day was: I GOT TO TOUCH FISBOY'S ABS MYSELF!! No im not a girl pervert, technically he took my hand to feel how he pops his abdomen or something, but still, dying cause of my fangirl side LOL. :D

Was supposed to meet up with Raye but didn;t quite make it in time, sorry for making you wait for nothing! Sharon too :( Anyway, this was me and Teresa at mamak for roti canai. I was light headed since we went to Overtime for drinks. Apparently i kept losing drinking games, so i had to drink.. alot. Payback for the days i got the others high i guess lol.

Our outfits of the night. We can't help it. There are mirrors everywhere in the hotel! Oh, forgot to mention, we were staying at Pyramid Tower, Sunway the whole trip. Overall, it was amazing. Close to clubs, Street Nation(dance studio), and endless shopping and food!

Some pictures of us with after the booze. Cherry and i. fyi, she was wearing heels lol.

Vanity and Stepholic.

Loving this picture since my legs look extra long and i look tall here. ngehehe. With Teresa, Kixx and Ameer :)

Went back to hotel to change into jammies and we both coincidently had our cookie monster hoodies on! :D

We suposedly were supposed to head to bed, but we kinda got high? LOL. Went to make a fuss in Kixx's and Ameer's hotel room and ended up having a pillow fight!

The winner however was not determined lolol. Kixx is somehow merciless when it comes to these kinda things. He literally whacked the whole pillow into my side frame. Those buldging muscles of his didn't help with the pain either PFFFTS. But it was damn right fun. It's been so long since i had these kinda fun and amazing nights. Wished it would somehow go on forever :D

Being silly before blacking out in bed. It was our last day there, so we should make full use of it! Jasz left earlier that day to Bukit Bintang with her boyfie so that explains her missing in pictures :(

Overall, i really really enjoyed my trip to KL with these girls. Hope to have another round soon! and this time, i hope all of us or the entire crew will be included woohoo! xx

Videos of that day down below!


Teresa Lee said...

Yerrr... So many photo of me~~~! Are u in love me?? Hahhaha..

Ariel Lo said...

you just so happened to be in all pffts! i rather love the fishboy one more :3