Saturday, February 9, 2013


If you've been following my instagram (@arielllo --- follow me btw!), you would have seen my different hair colours for the past two months or so? I had very dark brown hair almost black which was normal for an asian girl. I wanted to have striking hair for a change, i mean normal is boring! D: But i still love my used-to-be-black hair, it was super long and healthy so yeah, kinda miss it!

Anyway, i wanted this kind of colour for my hair or a brighter red as the base and faded to a blonde or something but it was hard to get since my hair is too dark a colour. 

Went to Blade Saloon whose owner is my mum's friend. she's been cutting my harr ever since i'm six or something like that. One thing is that she loves my hair more than i do and keeps lecturing me about how bleaching it would spoil it and it would be a waste. But being the stubborn person i was, i can barely say i didn't give a damn. I wanted a change anyways :) This was how my hair looked like in the bleaching process.

The result of 6 hours of sitting in the saloon chair. My butt hurts i tell you. But i love it! I was a bit disappointed at first since it wasn't exactly what i wanted but i guess it'd do for now, i could get creative with it anyways :) Special thanks to Gabby who accompanied me there for the whole afternoon! Woots. I paid around RM200 fo cut, wash, dye, bleach and treatment. To have people look at you weirdly is just annoying but i got used to it. Guess Kuching people are still not used to this kinda thing. I mean, i saw multiple coloured hair in KL okay. :S

One day i got bored of my blonde dipdye, and decided to try out a special innovative thingy i learnt from one of my crew members. However it only works best on bleached hair, but you can give it a try too? :) Those pink and green coloured streaks are done diy by using food dye. YEAP, FOOD DYE. No typo here! Just add two tablespoons of your desired colour into a cup of warm water and soak your hair thoroughly for about 10mins (or more for a darker colour) and voila! This is what i got for my first attempt :) Depending on your hair type and colour the results may vary. My purple turned to pink and blue turned to green, so yeah.Wash your hair thoroughly after this to get rid of excess dye, and remember not to use a white cloth! it stains!

Apparently green colour fades easily due to the chlorine in bath water and i faded to a beautiful ash colour. The pink remained tho. Had the pink streak in my hair for a couple of weeks until...

I decided to do half of my hair pink while leaving the other half blonde. My verdict? I LOVE IT!! It doesn't look weird anymore and it kinda has a gradient effect on my hair. Loving my hair a lot now. The outer part is pink while the inner parts are blonde. Mixing together i kinda have ombre flaming hair. :D WHICH I ADORE. A LOT!

Crazy hair seems to be the trend now, so come on people! Flaunt it while you can! xx

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