Monday, May 30, 2011

athlete telematch 2011

A post on the telematch me and my fellow athletes organized last Saturday on the 28th :)
it was kinda unorganized at first cause many were late and not many showed up. :/
but it somehow pulled through nicely. thank God :)

got all the participants to line up and did some warm up with them.

-Asther and i leading the girls-

usual warm up.

btw, i asked Howard to come and be the photographer of the day so yeahh.
ahaha :)

we then headed to the field/ basketball court for ice breaking.

-Ah Tham leading-

we had to pass around a packet of balloons.
in each of the not-blown-up-yet balloons were slips of paper.
the ones who got the packet reaches for a balloon, blows it till it bursts and
does whatever written on the paper :)


the sisters who have like seriously LONG hair reaching until their thighs -.-
how in th world do you guys wash and comb them. dammmm :O

now you see it, then you dont :)

MissYong, our dedicated coach :)

epic faces of some participants ;)

her balloon just wouldn burst -.-

and then, proceeding to station games all over the school compound :)
each group had 6 people. there were 5 groups.

there was the food station. eewww much :/

canteeen had two stations :)

the pebble station.
you have to put your feet and get out pebbles from freezing water :)

the moving of chairs.

untangling yourself from ropes.

ping pong, water and air :)

my station-S :D

there is a circle of chalk. each group has to do whatever i ask them to do inside the circle.
for example, in pic one, i said i wanted one head and only 3 legs. so yeahhh ;)

my other station was passing three short pocky sticks :)
shots above. and one pair kissed. accidently oops :/

if you drop it like the above, eat it, break it, sorry!
start from the top again :)

the flour station.
and drinking water from LONG LONG LONG straws station.

the potato station. hit the potato to the otehr end and back.
if it enters the drain, start again. :)

we took care of the same stations :)

eating apples station. green apples were tied to the roof.
use only your mouh to finish all the apples. :)

Dylan was just ohhmygosshhh :O -- look above!

after the station games, we all gathered in a classroom.
we played charades. even organizers had to participate :)

damn some of these guys expressions are tooo funny to bear! :D

telematch ended at 3pm. the winning group.
the group from YCS club. congrats! :)

me and my so-called twin ;)

after clearing everything, we had to wash the canteen,
and Tham got a lil' bit hyper -___-"

she splashed water at everybody and after splashing me,
Howard sprayed her with cola and Nelson put her head in a bucket! :D
she said," i think i choose wrong person to splashhhh -.-" xD

of course she went after Howard :P



THREEEEE! :D (Y) awesome shot!

haha i borrowed a shirt from Dylan. its super big lo -____-
make me loook so fat D:

anyways, had a great and awesome time that dayy.
we organizers did quite okayyy :) (Y) ta-ta!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


woohoo. time to get on the plane and go somewhere away from here again :)
but thi time only going for 3 days and 2 nights at SIBU. why?
i become the person who carries luggage and bodygurad for mum :P wahaha!
going there to witness my mum play volleyball after 20++ years? :)
fyi, she used to be a state playerr! (Y)
this time it was a sports competition for Sarawak Forestry companies. so yeah.
they have volleyball, bowling, badminton, futsal, darts and many more.
i only witnessed the volleyball comp. didn have much time and lazy stay in Sibu so long.
next year's will be in Kuching. so no need to travel anymore :)
flight was so freaking early ohmaiigoshh -.- 6.30am must be there awaiting plane.
wanted to take pictures for my blog at the airport but forget it.
its not like i have a photographer to take every moment of my life for me to blog :P
ohh wells, got into the same plane as Shin Yean! such a coincidence :)
anyways, as i was about to fall asleep, reach sibu dy -___-"

checked into RH Hotel. aha. btw, we got driver.
muahahaha! :D

my room number :) no.723.

the view from my window ;)

our hotel was conviniently next to a shopping mall.
oh btw, Sibu is extrememly small! so small you can literally walk everywhere!
omg. boring much. and weather so hot some more. walao -.-
and i dislike the company at the mall. so well, ughh. not that im racist or anything but..
yeahh. you know what i mean. -.-"
bought stuffs for friends :) above picture.
couldn get anything for myself. either the stuffs there are not nice, or above budget :/
sad right? wished my wallet had unlimited cash! D:

anyways, didn do much on the first day as we settled down the hotel at noon.
so yeah, i spent the afternoon sleeping and studying sejarah. how sad? D:
went to the mall to get some stuffs we need with mum :)
at night, when to Paramount Hotel to have dinner with staff.
the dinner was amazinggg! (Y) food was good :)
the best was the lobster. OMOMOMOMMOOO. picture above ;)

anyways, went to bed with satisfied stomach ;) :P

the next morning. woke up early at around 5 smtg cause mum's match starts at 7.30.
damnn, we got lost and walked around in circles. literally. so wasted alot of time.
not to mention energy that i barely had since i was studying my ass off whole night -.-
so yeahhhh. aint that ape cute? [ picture above ] sorry. i know its random.
but heyyy, it has puffy cheecks :D

anyways, the competition was held in a school hall.
so yeahh. before that me and abigail became a lil' vain ;)


Abigail's the daughter to my mum's colleague. so yeahh.
we knew each other through dancing ;)

the volleyball team :)

teamwork in action. :D
they could have gotten third place IF ONLYY they won by another 1 point -.-
how devastating for them. nevertheless, they had fun :) trust me.


after the game my mum went out with her colleagues and i went out with abigail.
went to the mall that was near the hotel. haha :)
walked and walked and walked. and took photos :D

after enough shopping and walking, we went to mcd across the road :)

it was lunch time. and let me tell you, the place was jam packed.
we felt like sardines in a can i tell you.
i had to wait and wait for a seat in the aircon cause i hate smokers -.-
finally got it though. yayyy (Y)

went back to hotel to chill after that :3
and got ready for the dinner :)

at the dinner :)
we had a show of dancers, singers for karaoke etc.
well, one word. BORING. seriously not my taste of entertainment.
i rather watch tv in the hotel room dammmit :/
so yeahh, after all the dances, i went up staright away. to pack and etc.

with mummy's colleagues :)

the whole Sarawak Forestry group from Sibu, Miri, and Kuching :)

last shot with abby that night. didn see each other the next day as my flight is early.
so yeahhh. another early flight. Sibu's airport sucks. really lousy -.-
its like a consrtuction site to me. i carried mum's luggage. everything.
she's injured thats why. so yeahh, got muscles dy :3 ahha! just kidding :)

reached home sweet home and slept to my hearts content :D
Back in Kuching people! <3