Tuesday, May 24, 2011


woohoo. time to get on the plane and go somewhere away from here again :)
but thi time only going for 3 days and 2 nights at SIBU. why?
i become the person who carries luggage and bodygurad for mum :P wahaha!
going there to witness my mum play volleyball after 20++ years? :)
fyi, she used to be a state playerr! (Y)
this time it was a sports competition for Sarawak Forestry companies. so yeah.
they have volleyball, bowling, badminton, futsal, darts and many more.
i only witnessed the volleyball comp. didn have much time and lazy stay in Sibu so long.
next year's will be in Kuching. so no need to travel anymore :)
flight was so freaking early ohmaiigoshh -.- 6.30am must be there awaiting plane.
wanted to take pictures for my blog at the airport but forget it.
its not like i have a photographer to take every moment of my life for me to blog :P
ohh wells, got into the same plane as Shin Yean! such a coincidence :)
anyways, as i was about to fall asleep, reach sibu dy -___-"

checked into RH Hotel. aha. btw, we got driver.
muahahaha! :D

my room number :) no.723.

the view from my window ;)

our hotel was conviniently next to a shopping mall.
oh btw, Sibu is extrememly small! so small you can literally walk everywhere!
omg. boring much. and weather so hot some more. walao -.-
and i dislike the company at the mall. so well, ughh. not that im racist or anything but..
yeahh. you know what i mean. -.-"
bought stuffs for friends :) above picture.
couldn get anything for myself. either the stuffs there are not nice, or above budget :/
sad right? wished my wallet had unlimited cash! D:

anyways, didn do much on the first day as we settled down the hotel at noon.
so yeah, i spent the afternoon sleeping and studying sejarah. how sad? D:
went to the mall to get some stuffs we need with mum :)
at night, when to Paramount Hotel to have dinner with staff.
the dinner was amazinggg! (Y) food was good :)
the best was the lobster. OMOMOMOMMOOO. picture above ;)

anyways, went to bed with satisfied stomach ;) :P

the next morning. woke up early at around 5 smtg cause mum's match starts at 7.30.
damnn, we got lost and walked around in circles. literally. so wasted alot of time.
not to mention energy that i barely had since i was studying my ass off whole night -.-
so yeahhhh. aint that ape cute? [ picture above ] sorry. i know its random.
but heyyy, it has puffy cheecks :D

anyways, the competition was held in a school hall.
so yeahh. before that me and abigail became a lil' vain ;)


Abigail's the daughter to my mum's colleague. so yeahh.
we knew each other through dancing ;)

the volleyball team :)

teamwork in action. :D
they could have gotten third place IF ONLYY they won by another 1 point -.-
how devastating for them. nevertheless, they had fun :) trust me.


after the game my mum went out with her colleagues and i went out with abigail.
went to the mall that was near the hotel. haha :)
walked and walked and walked. and took photos :D

after enough shopping and walking, we went to mcd across the road :)

it was lunch time. and let me tell you, the place was jam packed.
we felt like sardines in a can i tell you.
i had to wait and wait for a seat in the aircon cause i hate smokers -.-
finally got it though. yayyy (Y)

went back to hotel to chill after that :3
and got ready for the dinner :)

at the dinner :)
we had a show of dancers, singers for karaoke etc.
well, one word. BORING. seriously not my taste of entertainment.
i rather watch tv in the hotel room dammmit :/
so yeahh, after all the dances, i went up staright away. to pack and etc.

with mummy's colleagues :)

the whole Sarawak Forestry group from Sibu, Miri, and Kuching :)

last shot with abby that night. didn see each other the next day as my flight is early.
so yeahhh. another early flight. Sibu's airport sucks. really lousy -.-
its like a consrtuction site to me. i carried mum's luggage. everything.
she's injured thats why. so yeahh, got muscles dy :3 ahha! just kidding :)

reached home sweet home and slept to my hearts content :D
Back in Kuching people! <3

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