Monday, May 30, 2011

athlete telematch 2011

A post on the telematch me and my fellow athletes organized last Saturday on the 28th :)
it was kinda unorganized at first cause many were late and not many showed up. :/
but it somehow pulled through nicely. thank God :)

got all the participants to line up and did some warm up with them.

-Asther and i leading the girls-

usual warm up.

btw, i asked Howard to come and be the photographer of the day so yeahh.
ahaha :)

we then headed to the field/ basketball court for ice breaking.

-Ah Tham leading-

we had to pass around a packet of balloons.
in each of the not-blown-up-yet balloons were slips of paper.
the ones who got the packet reaches for a balloon, blows it till it bursts and
does whatever written on the paper :)


the sisters who have like seriously LONG hair reaching until their thighs -.-
how in th world do you guys wash and comb them. dammmm :O

now you see it, then you dont :)

MissYong, our dedicated coach :)

epic faces of some participants ;)

her balloon just wouldn burst -.-

and then, proceeding to station games all over the school compound :)
each group had 6 people. there were 5 groups.

there was the food station. eewww much :/

canteeen had two stations :)

the pebble station.
you have to put your feet and get out pebbles from freezing water :)

the moving of chairs.

untangling yourself from ropes.

ping pong, water and air :)

my station-S :D

there is a circle of chalk. each group has to do whatever i ask them to do inside the circle.
for example, in pic one, i said i wanted one head and only 3 legs. so yeahhh ;)

my other station was passing three short pocky sticks :)
shots above. and one pair kissed. accidently oops :/

if you drop it like the above, eat it, break it, sorry!
start from the top again :)

the flour station.
and drinking water from LONG LONG LONG straws station.

the potato station. hit the potato to the otehr end and back.
if it enters the drain, start again. :)

we took care of the same stations :)

eating apples station. green apples were tied to the roof.
use only your mouh to finish all the apples. :)

Dylan was just ohhmygosshhh :O -- look above!

after the station games, we all gathered in a classroom.
we played charades. even organizers had to participate :)

damn some of these guys expressions are tooo funny to bear! :D

telematch ended at 3pm. the winning group.
the group from YCS club. congrats! :)

me and my so-called twin ;)

after clearing everything, we had to wash the canteen,
and Tham got a lil' bit hyper -___-"

she splashed water at everybody and after splashing me,
Howard sprayed her with cola and Nelson put her head in a bucket! :D
she said," i think i choose wrong person to splashhhh -.-" xD

of course she went after Howard :P



THREEEEE! :D (Y) awesome shot!

haha i borrowed a shirt from Dylan. its super big lo -____-
make me loook so fat D:

anyways, had a great and awesome time that dayy.
we organizers did quite okayyy :) (Y) ta-ta!

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