Saturday, July 2, 2011

back to the 70's dance day :D

Another dance event. this time, its swinging it back to the 70's! :)
and we all have to dress up like we're in that period of time :D
the day was the 25th of June 2011. we ad tons of practices for this.
we had to stay up pass midnight to do the event deco and such and practices
were soo tiring :O leg pains, body aches, but it was worth it :)

woke up super early as we were the hosts :) had to be there you see.
feeling zombie-like since we all had very late nights :O
anyhow, around 9 people started arriving for the workshop.
thats why we were so serious bout this event/performance.
many people from different parts of the countries are coming. must not
make ourselves look too terrible ;) so yeahhh. the real party was later that night.
it was a blast :) although my boyfie couldn make it! :( SADDD CASE.

here are some pictures!

The youth minus Howard and Ivory. adohhh.
we desperately need a photoshoot :/

guess whose back? ;) my dear FOONG <3

dramatic make up for that spectacular nights <3 
thanks August for doing it.

August :D

talk bout photo of the day? i loove this shot. my Sg buddy :D
awww, Joseph. teeheee, all grown up dy! :)

these ang mo's really know how to dress up. they look like barbie dolls.
in a good way of course :D

our performance :) song : On the floor by J.LO ft. Pitbull.
now im so annoyed if i hear that song. so sien dy. ahaha!


the kids had performances too :D they looked awesome :)

the chair dance part :)

me with my girls :) abi, ashhh and ivory.

talk about sweetness to its max? aww, Howard and Min Chee. AWWW <3
seriously, congratulations on this relationship! wish you guys the best! xoxo.

Howard better treat my twin right or i'll punch him in the nose! :D

best ending pose ever! captures the mood of adults and kids :)

wondered if the audience were impressed? they were awe-struck ;)
no kidding. teehee. our practices paid off really well :)

the disc deco that we had to do MANUALLY BY HAND :)
they loook so pretty though that night.

that night was spectacular. (Y) missing my sg dudes dy.
till the next dance event, see you guys. take care! xoxo :)

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