Sunday, July 3, 2011

Damai Puri 11-12th June 2011:)

blog post bout my damai trip. 11th till 12th June :D
we got great pricing thanks to Howard's Godfather. Puri room for only RM230.
the transport made everything expensive though :P oh wells.
Dylan and Howard helped us check in.
Ivory and her boyfie one room, the rest one room :)
we had so much fun playing with waves, pool water, wind in our hair, sand at our feet.
we didn get to see the sunset and feel its warm embrace cause teh weather was cloudy :(
oh wells. more times to come i sure :)
we had steamboat for dinner. teehee. Ivory brought the whole thing up!
so yeah. we were kinda well-prepared :) we had alcohol too. oops!
we had choco-mint vodka, absolute and some heineken :D
i loooved the absolute and choco-mint. omg. OMOMOMOMO (Y)
Ryner drank and went highh. hehe. really high. 
decided to leave the room and went up to the hilltop at night to relax.
awesome feeling i tell you. awesomeee :)
what a trip! some pictures below *kachikk*

the view from lobby. btw, thats wei ying :)

room number : 3358.
we kept having problems getting locked outside so yeahh -.-

mlm teeheeee :D

we walked around the beach upon arrival :)

boyfiee and i :)

thanks for being able to make it (Y) iloveyou.

the poool! :)

boys will be boys :) Howard and Ryner.

visited the beach again :)

buried people :D

with Wei Ying :)

arent these two just cute? :)

i laike this shot (Y) this. is. dylan.

Howard and his dance to ammuse us :)

Wei Ying and Ivory :)

Min Chee and I. we're "twins". well, sorta :)

teeheeee :D ah Phang!

steamboat! told you we were well prepared :)

Min Chee again! :D (Y)

alcohol moments :) 

the next morning we all looked kinda tired. not enough sleep.
although at last Howard got drunk and he slept the most -__-"
kept stuff, had breakfast, walked around for the last time awaiting time to pass :)

teeeheeee, he has six packs dy :D 

DAMAI OH DAMAI. im gonna miss your cool breezes at night, 
waves splashing at my feet, sand everywhere and people i love by my side.
i wished time would stop right there :) memories.
Lucky for us we had a cammie for photographs :)

Group picture, Dylan missing
a picture can only capture so much but feelings have to be felt. :)

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