Friday, July 22, 2011

sweetest sixteenth? bittersweet 16th.

celebrated my sweet sixteenth at Swan Teem Steamboat on the 14th of July.
it ended up bbecoming a bittersweet sixteenth due to some issues. 
horrible ending to a great start i would conclude. 
anyhows, around 30 people plus myself. so yeah. i booked the space earlier on :)
teeeheee, thanks for the gifts everyone! (Y) and for coming :)

with nai thong and sam :)

cass, abigail and ivory :) 

they went high after some alcohol. somewhat root to the problem it is. ishh.
ohh, thanks bryan for being such a friend :) - red shirt guy-

with Jia wee and wei ying :)

with gabby! :D

makan time :D

teehee, Grace :D

cake from abigail and ivory :)

hehe sorry dear :3

with Zau Phin :)

Howard and Min Chee. these two are the cutest really :)

Zau Phin, he's taken :3

boys enjoying their food :D

thanks for that night everyone, although it ended wrongly but yeah.
everything's settled dy :D and dear, iloveyou.
thanks for being there for me when im down and comforting me :)
and to my friends who stood by me too (Y)
you guys are the best <3

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