Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sports Day 2011

Sports day 2011 was held at the Stadium Negeri on the 6th-7th of July :)
well, it was feeling kinda dead compared to last year. somehow.
i only took two events this year. believe it or not? i took 4 last year :/
oh wells. i ran really badly in my 100m. false starts all the time. jeez :(
high jump got second. well, at least :) ahahah. shall take more events next year.
aiming for 5 events :D teeeheee. MUST MUST MUST! <3

boyfie's number - 201 :3

Min Chee jumping her hurdles :) 
she got the nomination of best girl category A this year!
congrats chee! loveyou to the maxx! :*

i asked Howard to be photographer this year. but lehh -.-
i ask him to take everything like how he usually does, 
but now he only take pictures of his girlfriend, ah cheee. -_____-"
pek chek dieee :@ sooo, im sorry bloggers. not much pictures.

chilled at the opposite side of the grand stand. less people and quiet :3
Jaguar's marching came in first. and GB got 1st toooo. so yeah.

overall, Jaguar got first. Lion, second and my house, Cheetah, got third :D

school athletes with the trophies and medals :D teehee!

boys :D Shu Yao, Ryner and him :)

school athletes with our dedicated, fierce coach :3
this marks the end of sports day. and im so roasted dy :D
next year will be much more fun, i promise *fingers crossed*

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