Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vanity Crew's 1st Anniversary

It was the 13th of November again! This marks the date of Vanity Crew's first ever anniversary!
*it was quite a bummer Candy couldn't make it* :(

This was my face that night. ^_^v

We actually had an earlier celebration chilling and dancing at The King's Arm bar.
The theme of that night was Rocker-Punk so we all dressed up accordingly since skulls and spikes
are currently the trend right now? well, i like it so either way it doesn't really matter :3
it was an all girls outing and we really enjoyed ourselves since we hadn't met up together for
quite some time already. My crew consists if very busy members, lol!

Back to the 13th, we had cupcakes which were sponsored by Kixx aka, our manager.
The cupcakes are so adorable, i mean, look at them!

our names were imprinted on each cupcake and they were in pastel colours of pink, purple and blue. 

Thanks Kixx for sponsoring us these lovely sweeties! xx

With Bev and Teresa. skin was not in good condition, bleh -.- Must have been the exam stress due
to my finals. oh btw, this was before graduating high school. Finals have been stressful. 
*blog about that more in the upcoming post*

i look.. retarded here. Nvm, the rest look beautiful!

with Munie, crew member and brilliant photographer ;)

btw, we had dinner at The Junk Restaurant. the food here rocks. This is the carbonara we ordered.
Very creamy and feeds at least 6 people well? unless you're unlike us and eat a lot? hehe.

pepperoni pizza! unlike the pizzas we often eat at Pizza Hut, it is very thin and the crust is very crunchy.
A nice change for your usual pizza! and and, the awesome melting, mozerella cheese *drools*

my hot chocolate. 

Lamb shank. This is DAEBAK. i think it was my favourite dish of the night? we ordered bbq chicken wings too but i guess i accidently deleted the photo since i can't find it -.- 
Looking at all these makes me hungry again!

We went to The Junk Restaurant and if you've noticed through the pictures, the ambiance is very
romantic, vintage and ol'school kind of style. So since we dressed up very punkish the other night, 
we decided to have an all vintage night! here are the ootn!

Our crew leader, Cherry.

Teresa! Mad love for her outfit!

Munie! Loving her outfit too!

My ootn. Floral dress, grey cardigan, nude leggings and wedges. i look awkward, as usual teehee.



smile! Teresa photographed this.

Finally a decent group picture with the help of the waiters. Thank you :)
after this we wanted to sing karaoke at the lounge but apparently it wasn't open! T_T
so, we decided to go the K11 at The Hills. We went crazy with The Script's songs. LOL
What a night. An awesome one to be exact.Till my next post, xx!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Finally have time to update about Vanity's photoshoot. Have been so busy with exams and all.
So sorry for the super delayed post! Above is another group picture of us ;)
Now, if you are not sick of looking at my face, here are my personal shots! 

The theme was sexy, sophisticated, cool and mysterious looking. For this, we had smokey eye makeup
and curled hair. I curled my hair three times because my curls just wouldn't stay! Thin and too soft hair problems. Sprayed the curls like mad too wtf. -____-"

#1. So here is my full profile for you to look at lololol. 

#2. the other two similar but then not-so-similar shots.




#6. closer shot.


#8. the hair was supposed to be floating gracefully but then i look like im nomming it *fail*

#9. okay. body looks stunted here but i swear it was because i was arching my back too much.

#10. showing face features. something i would have never dared to do before.


So if you're wondering how we did the wind-effect, well, it's really not as glamorous as you would
have pictured it, with the big fan and all. We, umm, used a hairdryer LOLOL.
Note Cherry holding the hairdryer above. The things we do to take nice pictures. HAHA!

This is the second look. It has a more wild, wet and cool look. It makes us look as if we were
dancing in the rain. Honestly speaking, i prefer this to the one above, partly because i'm not used
to seeing myself in curly hair and i don't really dig the curly hair thing lol.


#2. i whip my hair back and forth. 


#4. again, out of my comfort zone to lift my side-fringe. If you know me, i never ever leave
the house with my side fringe up. But i guess this shot turned out okay? lol


#6. do you love me? even with my dark side? 
(Kelly Clarkson moment since i thought it fits the picture lol)

#7. One of my favourite shots! 

"They say love is blind. Oh, baby, you're so blind. Please look at me instead."
(Currently into Big Bang's , G-Dragon's single track, That XX. Might probably do a blogpost about it)






So that's all. If i post everything this blog post would never end. 
Credits goes to THE VANITY GIRLSMunie Vanity our crew member, who is also the photographer
and Joanne Josie, our makeup artist as well as assistant photographer.

Of course if you are interested in your own photoshoot, you can contact them! 
Till my next post, xxxx.

Friday, August 3, 2012

17th birthday!

Finally i have time to sit down and update my blog. So sorry for neglecting you, my dear blog! :(
But i'm back! At least for now. So anyway, on the 14th of July this year, i celebrated my
birthday with friends and family. So here are two vain shots of tired me before heading out with peeps.
We went to Secret Garden Bar & Bistro. (i don't have any shots of the place since i was running late).
i should hire a personal photographer for me so i can blog even more beautifully! LOL.

Before i get to that, thanks so much to everyone who chipped in for my birthday pressie!
Special thanks to, Gabby, Bibii, Nelson, Zau Phin, Andrew, Ryner, Dylan, Min Chee, Joshua,
Miishan, Bernadelt, Tiffany & Viennysha. (forgive me if i forgot any!)
I received two sets of fake lashes(both from Sasa), a brush from Face Shop, two blushers (SilkyGirl),
an eyebrow brush as well as pencil (SilkyGirl), a curler, angpau & a lovely bag with wishes written 
all over it! Thank you so much again! I really appreciate it! 

Next, my mum accidently cracked my phone some time ago and my dream of getting a new
phone came true this month! :D My dad and mum got me a new phone, iPhone! :P
I love how the cables, charger and earphones are fully white. Digi worker gave me an angry bird
casing for free LOL. Oh wells. Thanks anyway! teehee. I got the Kurumi Samrio casing for only Rm5.
However the quality is worth only Rm5 as well. Haha. Sticking to my pastel coloured cover for now!

Thank you mum. Thank you dad :) i love you guys!

Thirdly. Other stuff i got from my friends and family! I recently told my girlfirends ( Sharon & Ivory)
that i've always wanted a toga but never got down to buying any and geuss what?!
They both a toga each for me! I HONESTLY LOVE THESE GIRLS! Ivory got me a brown one
where as Sharon got me a black one. Thanks to Dylan and Howard who chipped in too! 
Pink stitch casing from Ivory also! Disney Winnie the Pooh birthday card and angpau from Abigail!
Four pairs of unique earrings from August & three bunny-looking balls shipped all the way
from Japan by my aunt for me! They smell so nice! Vanilla, lemon and strawberry scents. 
Ohh and tons of angpau from family members! $$$$ :)

Closer shot of earrings, bunny-balls and shades which i got for myself. LOL present to myself!
Shades from Nose for only RM30/- :D

and more angpau! And also a piggy torchlight from aunt as well. She always gives me cute stuff! :D
Seriously, thankyou so so so much! xxx

Shots of me and friends that night.

 the girls.

Howard and Dylan! :D
i love these boys. They'll never leave me feeling down. Thanks for all the support and love! 

with Zau phin!

so these guys are more vain than me despite me being a Vanity! tsk tsk tsk!

I tried to do funny faces too but then got distracted cause i was busy laughing at their faces instead!
oh god. haha! Was feeling a little down cause of stuff that happened earlier that day.
But then my girlfriend, Sharon came over and surprisingly brought a whole group of  friends to
wish me a very happy birthday! There was around 20 people? And i dont know around 20% lol.
but they wished me anyway since they were stealing Sharon away for the rest of the night lolol.
Among them tehre was another guy who had the same birthday as me too. hehe.
(i should have taken a group photo with them ) T___T regretting it now!

But it was so hillarious since the waiters and waitresses faces were so shocked they didn't know what 
to do. There were so many people and so little seats to let LOLOL. Laugh die me. :P
But when they left you could see waves of relief over them HAHAH. 
 (pics of food and group photos will be posted once Howard passes them to me)

Went to Full house at Hills to have some small cakes after the celebration. Thanks Ivory for treating me!
I love the ambiance of the cafe but again, i didn't manage to snap any pictures! T__T 
Nevermind i can have tasty, pretty-looking cakes! Mad love for the chestnut one one the right end.
All were nice lah. My love for food is infinity, i tell you! 

Gabby sent me home after that. Thank you so much for everything, everybody! I feel so blessed! :')

Some pictures from my birthday dinner with family! Went to Mr.Ho's Fine Food for dinner.
It's super high class and expensive lah, but my mum said it was okay so yeah. 
Yayy! I can enjoy atas food lolol.

The appetizers. Garlic bread. A must to try. It's so tender-soft yet crisp and full of flavour. I LOVE!

Olio"something" lolol. I can't remmeber the name. But it's a spicy kind of spaghetti. With chilli specks and 
stuff like that. Wasn't my cup of tea since i don't enjoy eating spicy food except for certain laksa.
So my bro and the rest of the family enjoyed eating it on behalf of me haha! 

Carbonara is it? Or is it called a different name? I can't exactly remember! But all i know, i LOVE this dish!
The sauces and everything is thick and full of flavour and the serving is damn big lah!
there are big chunks of ham and crispy pork in it too. WAH, MORE LOVE!
Suitable for people with big appetite like me! Unless you can stand the thickness of the sauce i suggest 
you share this dish with another person. or if you're like me, a super pig then i guess you can finish this like
how i did LOLOL. I have a weakness towards tasty carbonara!

Final dish was this Family platter dish. It's a huge huge huge, serving of different meats, mainly consisting
of chicken and pork. Even the sausages are huge! But they were so yummy trust me!
Overall, this has to be the most satisfying for meat lovers and those with a hearty appetite. Mind you, 
it's a serving meant for 5 people, so when i said it was huge. IT REALLY IS! :O

After the hearty meal, it was os hard to drag myself out of the chair lolol. Only 3 dishes excluding appetizers
but yet so full already. That's how big the servings are. Went to grab a tub of ice cream after the dinner.
Our family has this weird tradition of buying ice cream as cakes instead. so yeah.
I won't post up the picture since i'm too lazy to edit it nicely since iphone's camera is mean in dim lightings.
So yeah, i'll leave that to your imagination HAAHA!

Finally, a family photo. Thank you for being in my life and blessing me abundantly. xxx 
P.s- Bro still owes me my present! (wink)