Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vanity Crew's 1st Anniversary

It was the 13th of November again! This marks the date of Vanity Crew's first ever anniversary!
*it was quite a bummer Candy couldn't make it* :(

This was my face that night. ^_^v

We actually had an earlier celebration chilling and dancing at The King's Arm bar.
The theme of that night was Rocker-Punk so we all dressed up accordingly since skulls and spikes
are currently the trend right now? well, i like it so either way it doesn't really matter :3
it was an all girls outing and we really enjoyed ourselves since we hadn't met up together for
quite some time already. My crew consists if very busy members, lol!

Back to the 13th, we had cupcakes which were sponsored by Kixx aka, our manager.
The cupcakes are so adorable, i mean, look at them!

our names were imprinted on each cupcake and they were in pastel colours of pink, purple and blue. 

Thanks Kixx for sponsoring us these lovely sweeties! xx

With Bev and Teresa. skin was not in good condition, bleh -.- Must have been the exam stress due
to my finals. oh btw, this was before graduating high school. Finals have been stressful. 
*blog about that more in the upcoming post*

i look.. retarded here. Nvm, the rest look beautiful!

with Munie, crew member and brilliant photographer ;)

btw, we had dinner at The Junk Restaurant. the food here rocks. This is the carbonara we ordered.
Very creamy and feeds at least 6 people well? unless you're unlike us and eat a lot? hehe.

pepperoni pizza! unlike the pizzas we often eat at Pizza Hut, it is very thin and the crust is very crunchy.
A nice change for your usual pizza! and and, the awesome melting, mozerella cheese *drools*

my hot chocolate. 

Lamb shank. This is DAEBAK. i think it was my favourite dish of the night? we ordered bbq chicken wings too but i guess i accidently deleted the photo since i can't find it -.- 
Looking at all these makes me hungry again!

We went to The Junk Restaurant and if you've noticed through the pictures, the ambiance is very
romantic, vintage and ol'school kind of style. So since we dressed up very punkish the other night, 
we decided to have an all vintage night! here are the ootn!

Our crew leader, Cherry.

Teresa! Mad love for her outfit!

Munie! Loving her outfit too!

My ootn. Floral dress, grey cardigan, nude leggings and wedges. i look awkward, as usual teehee.



smile! Teresa photographed this.

Finally a decent group picture with the help of the waiters. Thank you :)
after this we wanted to sing karaoke at the lounge but apparently it wasn't open! T_T
so, we decided to go the K11 at The Hills. We went crazy with The Script's songs. LOL
What a night. An awesome one to be exact.Till my next post, xx!

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