Thursday, September 13, 2012


Finally have time to update about Vanity's photoshoot. Have been so busy with exams and all.
So sorry for the super delayed post! Above is another group picture of us ;)
Now, if you are not sick of looking at my face, here are my personal shots! 

The theme was sexy, sophisticated, cool and mysterious looking. For this, we had smokey eye makeup
and curled hair. I curled my hair three times because my curls just wouldn't stay! Thin and too soft hair problems. Sprayed the curls like mad too wtf. -____-"

#1. So here is my full profile for you to look at lololol. 

#2. the other two similar but then not-so-similar shots.




#6. closer shot.


#8. the hair was supposed to be floating gracefully but then i look like im nomming it *fail*

#9. okay. body looks stunted here but i swear it was because i was arching my back too much.

#10. showing face features. something i would have never dared to do before.


So if you're wondering how we did the wind-effect, well, it's really not as glamorous as you would
have pictured it, with the big fan and all. We, umm, used a hairdryer LOLOL.
Note Cherry holding the hairdryer above. The things we do to take nice pictures. HAHA!

This is the second look. It has a more wild, wet and cool look. It makes us look as if we were
dancing in the rain. Honestly speaking, i prefer this to the one above, partly because i'm not used
to seeing myself in curly hair and i don't really dig the curly hair thing lol.


#2. i whip my hair back and forth. 


#4. again, out of my comfort zone to lift my side-fringe. If you know me, i never ever leave
the house with my side fringe up. But i guess this shot turned out okay? lol


#6. do you love me? even with my dark side? 
(Kelly Clarkson moment since i thought it fits the picture lol)

#7. One of my favourite shots! 

"They say love is blind. Oh, baby, you're so blind. Please look at me instead."
(Currently into Big Bang's , G-Dragon's single track, That XX. Might probably do a blogpost about it)






So that's all. If i post everything this blog post would never end. 
Credits goes to THE VANITY GIRLSMunie Vanity our crew member, who is also the photographer
and Joanne Josie, our makeup artist as well as assistant photographer.

Of course if you are interested in your own photoshoot, you can contact them! 
Till my next post, xxxx.

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