Friday, August 26, 2011

Kuching Fest and Dance moments :)

Kuching Fest 2011 is here! like fnally :)
so yeahh. alot of food stalls, games and the most awaited pirate ship!
look at the crowd of people! *i do not own these pics. i googled them*

the garden show was beautiful. set of greenaries all around. 
best place for a date, time with family or just to chill out as it's cooler here.
lucky for me whenever i go to Kuching Fest, its never rained! (Y)

amongst all the foods, i prefer this the most! :D
i didnt need to line up! miracle, somehow ;) teeheee!

mind me, there were other foods too :)
the sausages were nice. especially the German ones (Y)
*pic above : taiwan sausages* 

OH YEAHH, i wanted to try the fried durian BUT..
the picture says it all! D: 
it was just about 8pm plus when it's sold out like wtff?

its no wonder whyy too. look at the crowd lining up for their share -.-

there were stalls such as these too, its almost close to impossible to win 
the prizes. nevertheless, my bros couldn resist the challenge :O :)

finally the PIRATE SHIP! :D (Y)
i got on it with a few friends. damn it was fun but scary at the same time! :)
while it was going down in full speed, the safety thing sudd came off.
i panicked -.- like seriously. im like tefakkk, *grabs on for life* 


what a night. what a festival :) next, details on my performance there!


i performed with Street Shock Dance Crew :)
had to learn 3 dances in like, two nights :O haha. late night practices!
managed to pull through. many mistakes. could have done better :(
but oh wells. you learn from mistakes.
danced as back-up dancers to singers on the stage :)  
many last minute changes too. anyways, we danced on the first day!

*pic with the singers and other dancers* 

me with Cherry and Eugeniee :)

honestly speaking that day was the most tiring day everrr!
i went home really late cause of practice. then, i had to go for another prac the
next dayy and rehearsal after that at the stage. sweated tons. 
it was worth it anyways :) *videos soon*
ohh, and thanks to boyfiee and other friends who came to support.
appreciated effort :) <3

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