Friday, August 26, 2011

Inter-class Choir competition.

hellooo! so, we had to join this choir competition? between classes.
im from 4 science 3 by the wayy! :D
and yeahh. at first it was a forced thing. if not, i lose 40% for my Sivik kays?
not important but hell, that's alot of marks :O so yeahhh. joined :/
it had to be a max of 7min, and the theme was One Malaysia.
our class combined Gemilang by J.V, Tanggal 31 and Satu Malaysia :)
Conductress was Gabby. and we took it simple. :3
it didnt turn out to be that bad. after Gabby took over that is. *no offence.

so yeahh, lots of conflicts and stuff happen. even on that day itself too.
so yeah. but we made it through by God's grace and everyones determination.
we got pushed down, critized, looked-down upon and so on. but..
guess what? we have your minds all simply blown. thats right,

*im sorry. no video. upload has failed like 5 times* D;

seee! simple is the best. no formation, no music playing, just our voices.
and our determination to show everyone wrong. 
we're not the worse class like whatever you teachers say. hows that? :)
no kidding. even our class teacher told us we couldnt do it. :))
we're gonna have to perform again though for Merdeka Day.
this time.. I WANT A GROUP PHOTO! :D teehee!
ohh and congrats to 4s2 for getting 2nd place and 4s6 for getting 3rd!
you guys rocked it too. awesome stuff (Y)

NOW PHOTOS: credits to Bryan Chiew.

boyfiee, awww. you're too skinny. :(
i'll fatten you up soon xxxx :)

the judges! :) our forever pms teacher is actually smiling! :O 

other classes performances :) 4s6. they got 3rd place.

4s2. i loved theirs. it was sooo entertaining :))b they got second place.

4s1 :) theirs i didnt really favour but then again, they did work hard :)
i think they got 4th place. i think.

and, ngehehe, my class :D see how patriotic we are? :3

Gabby was the conductress of the day :)

the audience. danggg. so many pairs of eyes D:

this is Dylan.
oh well. Happy Merdeka peoples! (Y)

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