Thursday, September 1, 2011

4S3 Class Party! :D

helllo hello blogger! time for updates! :D
went to Bibi K.'s house last Thursday for class party!
why? cause we won 1st place in the choir competition! :D (Y)
thanks to her we get to use he house for it. thank youu!

we had BBQ :) thats averyy.

the food laid on the table :)

the boys and bibi :D

Alvina and I :) 

after food, we had karaoke which didnt go very well for us bananas.
cause someone forgot to bring the pendrive with eng songs in it.

but still, they had fun .

after that, we started playing spin the bottle. lol. 
it was okayy. just some not cooperative so not really fun.
and some mood spoilers. literally. lol. 
but it was okayy :)

ate some more after that :) and took photos! yayy :)
the guys of 4s3. woohoo.

Ryner and Stanley. awesome shot! (Y)

smiles :D

lastly, my group in class (Y) we feel so kawaiiz nerhxxx!  v^^v
what a night (Y)

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