Sunday, September 4, 2011

Worship The King 2011. worship seminar.

soo holidays huh? mum planned it for me already. sighh. :/
attended this worship the king 2011 seminar :)
from the 31st August to 1st September 2011. its an annual thing.
it was good. we had workshops and stuffs. what workshops?
workshops for back-up singers, worship leaders, pianists, drummers, guitarists 
and sound system people. i joined the piano workshop. (Y)
it was so good it made me miss playing the piano. :) *sighh*
all workshops were done in day 1 of the seminar. went earlier for breakfast 
and to help for the registering stuffs. damn i was busy for a while then :)
went stapling leaflets and such too. first time for so long involved again.

*i sure wish i was appreciated for my effort though. asdfghjkl*
but nooooo, that woman is such a good person she knows how to make you 
feel left out and unwanted and unneeded. for that, idgad aymore.
some much for being a leader in church. hypocrite.

ANYWAYYY, i enjoyed it. although for some parts which were just ishh.
like the fight with my mum and that woman with her issues.

people who came all the way from different kampungs and such to join.
many last minute joins too! :)

worship session on the next dayy. note: we're all in red (Y)

back-up singers.

the people singing their praises to the Lord. :)

finally caught up with Amandaaa! havent been talking for quite some time (Y)
we were like the time keeper for the speech makers during the seminar.
so yeahhhhh. she called herself the bell ringer. haha.
still same ol' mandaa :) xxx

our chinese and english people who attended :) FIND ME!

group pictures for those who helped during the seminarrr (Y)
we like goofing around too, you'know? ;)

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