Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bye bye to the trainee teachers! D:

It's Thursday and the last day for all trainee teachers! D:
meaning, bye to Miss Amy and Mr. Ko! so yeahh, picture time! :)

-Gabby and i- :)

My class 4s3. Mr.Ko teaches us English and Miss Amy, modern maths. 

as you can see, Miss Amy is quite popular among the guys ;) 

this picture tells everything ;)

MR.KO. sorry we always misbehave but the subject is just really too boring :P
don't keep grudges kays? hahah :)

HAIHH. what can i say? :) these boys are crazy :)

Andrew, Phang, Stanley, Ryner, Nelson and Zau Phin :)

the girls in 4s3! :D

thank you teacher, for putting up with our attitudes etc etc ;) 
you know we dont mean it. take care! :D

-my usual group in class- :D

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