Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dream High.

Wooyoung & IU as Jason and Pil Suk.
Episode 6 :)

Dream High - Episode 9

Pil Suk: Why are you looking at me like that? Do you have something to say to me?

Jason: Don’t you have something to say to me?

Pil Suk: …No.

Jason: Really?

Dream High - Episode 9

Pil Suk: It was very hard for me to lose weight. I couldn’t eat or drink what I wanted. 
I nearly died and came back to life. And then when I thought about it, about doing all that because of you,
 it felt like a waste. You have no desire, no dreams, no goal.
 I wonder if I did all that for someone who has no dreams, no goals. 
So I gave it up. But because I’m your fan, I’m saying this to you.

Jason: A fan who embarasses me? Is that a fan? You’re a fan who’s overstepping her boundaries.

Pil Suk: That’s how I think.

Dream High - Episode 10

Pil Suk: Coming here this time, is it because of manners too? I want to understand. 
You being here, is it because of manners?

Jason: It’s not manners. Singing…I came here because I wanted to hear you sing. 
You know I only like your voice.

Pil Suk: Right, of course I know.

Jason: Don’t misunderstand. It’s because the excursion is over. 
I had nothing to do so I came.

Dream High - Episode 12 :)

Hyemi and Sam Dong.

Hyemi and TAECYEON.



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