Sunday, April 10, 2011


Heloooo, woke up on the 9th of April and was greeted by hot blazing sun! 
Howard wants to practice his photography, so gonna be heading to Friendship park later.
omgg, gonna get so tanned! D:
Met up at Starbucks first. haha. at Jalan Song :)

these two friends, Wei Ying and Jia Wee accompanied me ;)
aww, i loove this picture soo much! :D

a jumpshot. this so far is the best one :) 

The photographer, on your left and BAG-MAN on your right.
Notice he's carrying all the girls bags. teehee! :P Poor Dylan :)

these two are like the best-est bros :) Literally.

Best shots of the day :)

It was an awesome dayy at the park :) i loove my pictures. hehe. vain much? :)
oh wells, went to Starbucks to chill after that. The girls went home at 4pm.
I went with the boys walking round One Jaya waiting for my bro to knock off from work.
looked at headphones. ohmymama. gotta get me one of those ;)
Mum picked us up and sent us to Cold storage after that. NEW LEPO STORE! <3
They have the Baby Taylor guitar and other cool music stuffs too! :D
was late about 30 minutes for youth since we were so fantasized with the stuffs there. LOL.
lucky church was like 5 mins walk away. teeheee :)
after youth, went for supper and just to chill at Expert. overall, AWESOME DAY! :)

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