Sunday, April 10, 2011

MSSM 2011

MSSM 2011 - here i come. finally i joined the school team to participate.
my whole family have done so, so now is my turn. got the number 1453 :)
it was held at Stadium Negeri on the 22nd-25th of March.
i took 3 events - Lontar Peluru, Cakera and Kijang. hmm :/
i got into finals for my peluru, but the rest la! :b
cant blame me. i never taken any of these events before D: oopsie.
anyways, at least i tried. and got sunburned really badly -___-"

Nadeem with the school flag! :D
he got first in the 110m pagar saringan but disqualified from the finals. 
so sad! D:  BOOOOOOO!

Athletes supporting each other :) 

One of my seniors, Zhai who got 3rd in long jump! 6m! :D
Congrats congrats!  

President of athlete club , Jin Wen :)
her driving is scary LOLOLLL.

Cikgu Ng, Miss Yong, Sherlaine, Nadeem and Tham.
Tham for 3rd for cakera. :D
Simon, got 3 medals! Gold for lembing, silver for cakera and 3rd for high jump.
He got into the Kuching team thingy. omg omg congrats :DD 

Overall, we all did okayy. more training. Practice makes perfect.
although nothing is perfect :/ but can improve oneself :) so yeahh.
GO GREENIANS! fighting spirit! :D <3

Our school ranked no.18 out of 30-40+ schools. (Y)

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