Saturday, February 26, 2011


i participated in a PRS camp again this year on the 19-20th of Feb 2011. :)
this time it was being held at Goshen Farm. gathered in school by 7am.
this time a bit cact, not the students late. but the bus driver late -_____-"
anyways, reached our destination in bout 1 and a half hours?

-thank you to the people who let us have their place for the camp- :D

we had to hike a small hill to get to the house. at the bottom of the hill should  be the farm?
anyways, i got a shock when we reached the top. o.o hahaha. just like a chalet -.-"
i thought it'll be like some other camps i've been through. :D
well, yayy then. better accomadation this time. since girl problem super mahuan -.-
i always get it on the first day of camp. damn, im cursed. :@ 

the inside of the place :D
its interior designing and everything is just beautifully done. awesome (Y)

took group picture since we all wearing our PRS shirt :)

-the living room-

Pn.Lily giving briefing.

-dining place- notice the aircons! the place got air cons too :P teeheeee.

us listening on what to do next. im in group one. the youngest there.
my team mates are all either Form 5 or Form 6.
im separated from all my friends. time to make new friends i guess? :) haha.

First we had the usual ice breaking - self introduction :)
we had to draw papers and if you're lucky, you introduce yourself by story-telling.
if not, you do it either by rapping or singing.
i got singing but a kind person exchanged story-telling with me. teeheee :D
im kind, kay? i do not wanna hurt your eardrums :b

-Zhi Cheng and Ivan singing away- :P

after the introduction session, went our to the huge field outside the house.
played "Chocolate-milkshake." this game is to test your concentration.
you needa do all the actions without screwing up and round by round, 
all the actions will increase and you have to remember all of them. hahah.
obviously my group failed cause we get easily distracted. :P

after sweating outside, went into the dining place to have lunch :)
and of course dividing of rooms and wash up session.

in about 1 plus hours, it started raining heavily. so the committies
decided play station games inside the house. :)
we will be given instructions on which group goes to which station first.
group 3 got lost. LOL. 

-assembling for instruction of games-

One of the stations was "Ping-Pong-Piang."
we had to bounce the ping pong ball, ONLY ONCE, and get points inside the cups.
and your feet must not cross the line. no other rules. just your feet cant cross.
so my team, laid down flat with only their feet below the line. 
so yeahh. we did great there. teeheeee.

-Group 4 playing the game-

this other station requires good kicking and aiming skill.
you have to wet tissue paper and put it on your feet and kick it to the bullseye.

-Group 3 playing the game-

this station is called "Flying Ping Pongs."
all cups are filled with water and you have to blow the ping pongs from one cup to another.
if you did get to the end, deduct marks and start again.

- group 1 [my group] playing-

the chopstick and blindfold station.
each member of the group is blindfolded except for the navigator :)
so the leader has to navigate the people to a chair and find the chopstick.
after that assemble them together again. thats all. haha.

-my group members who are blindfolded-

the food station -___-"
each type of foods you eat contains different number of points.
on one condition. you can only touch the foods to eat with your elbows and mouth.
so yeahh. it was a very messy affair. hahaha :b

after the station games. we went out to the field again.
it was so cloudy. meaning gonna rain super heavily again lahh :)
this time, we had to answer questions. if the answer is correct, you wont get splashed.
but if your answer is wrong, you have to run up to the bucket in front and find whatever
inside it to protect you from the water splashes. Group 3 very soi lo.
always get only paper to protect themselves. HAHAHA :b

i like people who smile when it's raining. i loveeee the rain :)

After wash up, food and rest that night, we had a talk by Pn. Lily.
we had to learn some PRS song. it sounded, well, not-my-type. hahaha :b

we them went into our groups again to prepare for the rest of the activities.

first one was to text your ability of interpreting what you hear accurately.
so this time, we had to arrange everything given to us by listening.

Secondly, we had to test our trust on our team members.
we had to lie on the members thighs and stand it for few minutes.

the night ended with some talent show. singing, dancing, acting, crapping etc etc.
haha. the teacher rang the bell before i finished my dance. boo! -___-"

after that it was time for everyone to sleep, prepare for tomorrows sketch or whatever.
i went straight to my room and texted till i fell asleep. hehehe :b
since my group all "kao tim" our sketch dy.


woke up by my alarm at 5am. but continued sleeping like a pig till 5.45.
got ready and went down. Ju peng was the latest so teacher punished him with push ups.
after that he said he felt so awake already. hahaha :b
after that went our to the field for morning exercise. so sleepy la. alamak. @__@
after that we were allowed to go rest, wash up, prepare for our sketch or pack.
then breakfast was served. breakfast today was awesome.
eggs with sausages, bread, kaya toast etc :) yumm.

anyways, after that. we had this game. tehy'd give us a clue saying, the longest...the shortest.
 etc. and you have to send one representing your group to that clue.

for example, (above pic) Ju Peng got, the longest. and got send out.
it happened to be the longest EYELASHES. so yeahh. the measured and declared winner.
quite funny lo this game haha.

another game. is you have to be able to get all your team members onto a piece of newspaper.
with the condition, for eg : only two hands, 8 feet and one cheeck on the paper.
damn challenging since my group members all tall tall and quite big sized ones -.-
but we finally managed. LOL.

after lunch, we did our sketch. we were given the title "Woker's life."
so we had to portray the life of a worker through our little drama.
we did okayyy :P Cikgu Augustine liked it :D hehehe

so overall, our group got number 2 :)
its okay, we did our best and everyone are winners <3

after packing we took another group photo. camp is officially over! :D
time to go home. this camp was awesome. (Y) :)
the slogan for the camp : we love PRS <3

reached back school by 3pm. went straight to dance prac after that.
zhen de shi. boleh mati punya -___-"   thats all. k byeeee :) :b

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