Thursday, January 27, 2011

Visit to Cancer Kid's ward :)

 On the 27th of Jan, we, PRS people went to to the General Hospital
to visit the cancer ward patients [kids]. gathered in school and walked to 
GH since it wasnt exactly that far away :)

-us assembling outside the ward.-

dont you pity these kids? *sigh* so young yet they cant live life to its fullest.
and yet we still quote, "f*ck my life". so yeahh :/

we started the community service by just spending time with these kids. 
colouring, origami, making paper stars, singing, dancing etc etc :)
we also handed out foods and drinks -- things kids like :)

- Yee Hwa and Zhi Cheng with a cancer patient-

-the singing and dancing group-

we also had some slides shown for their entertainment  :)

-Ivan and Ju Peng with another cancer patient- 
teaching origami.

waaha. i participated too kays? :) 
i taught them origami and helped them with colouring :)
teh kid i attentded to gave me so much hope. he's leaving the ward the next day.
omg, God bless you, Hillary. enjoy while you still can! :')

-me teaching them origami. spot me?- :b

-me and some others helping them with colouring- :)

However i had to leave early to go to Normah, so i wasnt in this group picture! ):
unfair much. pffftttssss. but anyways, a very fulfilling day! :D

P.S.- i didn hear my mums calls and when i checkeD my phone. oops.
15 misscalls. OHMYMAMA, GG.COM! -_____-

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