Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sarawak Junior 2011

HEY HEY, one week after MSSM is SARAWAK JUNIOR! :D
so yeah, didn really train. oops. i didn take pole vault in the end -.-
not enough time to prac and one day, someone was being so unreasonable. pfftts.
adults nowadays. oh wells. pass is pass, i guess? :/

i didn go for my peluru event cause i didnt even know i had that event LOL.
Tham was there to participate so yeahh, no big deal. :)
so i went in the afternoon on the 2nd of April to do my kijang. 
and i actually fell down. wtf. so painful. i didn even know i was bleeding -.-
still run here and there. why i fell down? i didn wear spikes.
so now my scar is so big -.- so fugly.
almost fainted too. oops. but didn. Jason and Simon sangat jaga saya.
haha, terima kasihh! :D

but overall, we had fun. thats what matters most i guess :) teehee <3

we're serious during competitions but as crazy as this when there are none. :P
Green Road atheletes 2011 <3 quite sad many people not in :/
but oh wells. :)

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