Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Vanity updates!

Sups! I've been away from blogger for so long! Have been neglecting it due to hectic schedules and cause of Dayre! >:(  It's just too convenient cause I can just upload photos at once and stuff like that (p.s./ it's way more efficient than the blogger app for iPhones too) Do follow me on Dayre btw teehee. I'll post short updates on daily happenings that don't appear here lolol. Username : ariello

ANYWAYS, (selfie from Ground Zero party, Swinburne above)

Vanity Crew did a showcase at the Ground Zero party due to Halloween at Swinburne probably a month ago? idk I can't remember LOL. Some shots of us on stage. Have no complaints except that the lighting crew was horrible during our performanance! :( We could barely see the stage! I think i slapped one of my crew members without even realizing it lolol. oops. sorry? :P

Posting this picture cause Beverly looks so happy here! :D

Other pictures by various photographers that night. Feasible Dance Studio was also invited to do showcases along with Stepholic, so thumbs up for supporting the dance scene in Kuching wheee! :D Our outfits kinda coordinated by coincidence that day too heh.


we had a themed showcase, which means... DRESS UP! YES. I LIKE, NO I LOVE. teehee. Hashtag, i can be girly too lolol! Burlesque costume of that night. we performed the Burlesque routine twice. First ar Grand Magherita and the next day at Four Points. Yes, look at me sparkle like a disco ball! ^__^v 

and of course pretty photos are a must as well as, occasional ugly one LOL. (our tradition of making ugly poses and faces heh :P) BUT, you cannot deny we look glamorous that night. Thank God too, since i pulled an all nighter sewing sequins onto my costume! asdfghjkl.. t(-.-t) Do you know how torturous that was with a 9am class waiting for me? meh...zz. Nvm, at least I am all glittery and oh lala!

Realised that this is also by far the most revealing costume I've dared to wear on stage despite me not having a Victoria Secret Angel's body but what the hell. But Kixx and the others said that the costume really gave us extra points on the stage so yayyy? :D Oh and we collaborated with Jessika from Soul Dance for this event. It was a pleasure *British accent*

We also did a Broadway number for the event at Four Points aside from the Burlesque one. The costume was fine except I keep feleing my butt overly exposed due to the "swimsuit high waist pants." It was themed, "Carnival Night 2013", which explains the need to dress up I guess? LOOK AT OUR HEELS. Nice to see, pretty to look at at, once danced in, considered torture LOL. My heel strap came of halfway through this routine and hell, did i clench my feet so the shoe wouldn't fly off and hit someone square in the face. HAHAH, that would be priceless tho! :P

Third routine of the night was Street Jazz. We did a totally different concept this time instead of our usual hard-hitting routines. We used songs like, Cater to You (Destiny's Child), Call You Out (??) and Good luck (Jaxx Basement). We wanted a mature, young woman feel, so we bought XL white shirts, black translucent stockings and wore heels to bring out the sexy girlfriend in boyfriend's tee vibe. Mad love for this and definitely want to dance it again! :D

 Found some photos and thought of something hilarious. Check this out..(scroll down)
How we think we look like...
 How we actually look like.. LOLOL HAHAH :D :P

and more pictures...before people start commenting on my thighs, remember! BEYONCE' HAS NO THIGH GAP TOO AND SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. YES. That is my reassurance of my insecurity problems LOL! Plus, woman with an ass is better than no ass? I guess? :P 

Too many photos to post up so I'll just choose my favourite among all. Teehee. :D (p.s/ you can watch our videos of the Burlesque and Street Jazz showcases, HERE!!)


Did a showcase for Puma's Grand opening not too long ago and we only put the routine together a day before. (dui bu qu, too last minute dy but still fine i guess? :p) We had to dance a energetic dance so we mixed kpop and hiphop together.. Actually only one kpop song lahh.. We had to wear the Puma apparels for the dance and sadly we weren't sponsored any items at all.(booo, why like this?) and it was funny! We looked like we were gonna do Zumba or Aerobics on stage instead HAHAHA. :'D

Later that night,

Headed over to Soul Dance studio to do final rehearsal and then shoot for our Christmas surprise video (which has been revealed!) RINGA-RINGA-LING, RINGA-RINGA-LINGGGG! AHAHA, we did a dance cover of Taeyang's Ringa Linga with Soul Dance and Heart to Heart all the wya from Sri Aman. But before shooting and whie waiting for others we start to camwhore again lolol. Look at my eyes! Effect of wide lens teehee and also kiasu eyeliner and falsies la :P

Vanity Crew. Super love this compilation of these 4 shots together :D

Screenshots of our parts in the video.

Thank you Soul Dance for arranging this and dealing with the technical difficulties and other shit. Also sorry the recording was rushed cause of me. Didn't expect it to take that long so I had made other plans before hand. oops. so sorry D: BUT .. it still came out nice teehee. :D


Celebrated Vanity Crew's belated second anniversary since Borneo Dance Competition in 2011. I still remember the date well leh! 17 November marks each year as a new one for us. Celebrated with the girls with Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake and a late night movie. Battle of the Year was not bad for me. It focuses more on bboy-ing though, so don't expect to see girl's style and stuff like in the Step Up series. I wished D-trix was given more parts in the movie tho. Total waste :(
So since we were so hyped up by it we all did a solo freeze each at the banner of the movie in front of the Gsc counter omg the lookers by were starring hard LOL. Most common and only one I can do is...the baby freeze AHAH. Damn, i suck. lol. BUT STILL LOOK MAMA, NO HEAD LEANING ON FLOOR heh. Does this mean I have strong upper body strength? :P

I am salivating to this picture right now. Craving for some... Now that i think back, why did i willingly give up my Oreo LOL. I want one now! ahh, the pig in me..Not hungry.. but still want to eat. Sighhhhhhhhh. However, I do seriously need to keep fit because..*drum rolls, scroll down*

OMFGG. WE GOT INTO THE FINALS. Seriously, I didn't expect to get in cause of the lack of votes we were getting, plus my friends like not friends like that dont wanna help me vote daily hmmmph jk i still love you guys and sometimes we forget to vote for ourselves also lolol. So we didn't prepare at all and BAM. I'm a little worried now cause the finals will be in KL on the 11th of Jan 2014 which leaves us, less than two weeks to prepare *hyperventilates cause of anxiety!*. Time to overnight at the studio cause the practices are gonna be so hardcore! Heh, anyways, WISH US LUCK! :D and of course, thank you for those who voted for us! Meanwhile, enjoy our Ringa Linga dance cover below! Merry Christmas everybody! :D

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