Monday, September 2, 2013

August Happenings.

Hey people!  So, August has been a rather happening month for me this year and I guess that's why it passed rather quickly. Since some of my readers state that I don't blog about anything else rather than my crew and dance life, here's some updates about everything else that has been going on lately.

 1. I'm slowly adjusting to the busy college life( by that i mean, body clock that's fcking messed up and assignments that never seem to end and of course sitting down to get the study mode) and I guess although i moan and groan about classes I enjoy most of my classes. Took the final exams for my short sem a few weeks back and overall scored a CGPA of 3.5 out of 4.0. Happy but yet again felt that I could actually score better. Guess it's alright for a start though. I'll be satisfied, for now at least hehhh.

After my 1 week holiday break I got my list of classes that I would be attending for the next sem and I  literally had no idea what to expect from any of my classes cause.. I couldn't understand the subject names lolol. I mean, look below!

 I did a presentation on contemporary and modern theories for the media before and it was bloody difficult so I guess Communication Theory would be my hardest sub. A senior is repeating his 3rd time taking this subject so you get my point. Only my first week into the long sem and I'm dying already. So far, i have a solo 3 hour presentation to prepare for and an 2.5k word(min) essay(assignment) for Communication Theory, an article to write for Copywriting, 4 drafts, 2 mockups to draw, colour and recreate in photoshop for E.P, 5 news reports to write and self creating a 15min 30sec radio programme for Radio Journalism. So, I got all this in a week. A WEEK.HOW IN THE WORLD asdfghjkl. Thank God my A.P class is rather relaxing phew. *sigh* Have to work extra hard this sem for me to keep up with my min score of 3.5 CGPA.

*chosen sketch mockup. colour testing at 2.30am. yep, i'm hardcore*

I won't deny how interesting my subjects really are though they do require lots of work but at least I enjoy it so I guess I'm really blessed not to have to have anything to do with maths and any scientific shit which I suck in. hehhh. oh oh, and thank God for friends who are not as blur as me :P

2. Before I started my first week of the long sem, i decided to get rid of my multi-coloured hair so, I'm fully a brunette now! It took me a while to actually get used to dark brown hair instead of my pink/peach/purple/orange/blonde hair so for the first few days I was rather annoyed at myself but now I find it's easier to match with my clothing so what the hell. I might highlight it crazy again but for now i'd just stay neutral! Plus, it doesn't draw too much attention to me too and I don't get called an "ah lien". pfft ew. "Grunge fashion" is what inspired me for my hair okay. Google it!

*snpashots from an instavideo of the weekend from my insta. follow me @arielllo*

3. I headed up to Damai Resort for one of the weekends ago for a part time beer promoter job at Escobar. There was a beach rave going on and the crowd *cough* mostly MEN *cough* were excited as fcuk since deejay Tenashar was one of the guest deejays that night. The night was really crazy though. Once the night reached it's peak, damn it, it was as if I pumped and passed out beers like it was my life. These people just keep coming lol! Thank God my supervisor was a really nice person or else I would have died. The things I do for the sake of extra income tsk. Broke my record of wearing 5 inch heels from 6.45pm up till 1am. *a round of applause please* Stayed a while after working hours to party but we were obviously too tired so went back to our hotel rooms after a while and zonked out soon enough. I probably only had 2-3 hours of sleep that night ugh. But, it was worth it for s short getaway from the norms. 

4. Attended J.A.B Volume 3(i think) to support my crew leader in her 2 on 2 Freestyle battle last week. It's been a while since I've been to a dance scene with all the other Kuching dancers. Some even flew in from Melaka, KL and other places for this particular event. Makes me wanna dance so badly after watching all the other dancers do their thing. Note to self : work on my freestyle lolol.

5. I attended wacking workshop by Michael Sim (Singapore), with my crew members. His wacking technique was completely different from what we usually practice. For the first time, attending a dance workshop wasn't stressful as compared to the previous ones I've attended. I could actually enjoy it and i've really missed this particular feeling. Maybe it's the stress of having to do better and an expectation others have for you but for some reason that day it was easy to let loose and just enjoy the beats and the moves freely. Thank you for having us! xx

*ice cream sesh with the girls after the wacking workshop. full instavid version on my insta!*

6. Had a movie night session with highschool friends and watched Mortal Instruments. I think that this has got to be the best 2013 movie I've watched up to date. IT'S SO AMAZING *sprinkles hearts and glitter* I cannot even. I HAVE TO READ THE DAMN BOOK. it's asdfghjkl. JUST GO WATCH IT. GO.

7. Been going to Junk Backstage rather frequently and I met new people, made new friends and went out on 2 dates. After all, you should go on dates. How would you know if you never tried? Tip here though : don't expect much from the post date happenings. It was probably just a date with a guy after all. If he's interested he will make an effort. If he doesn't, he's not the one. xx

8. I've probably ticked so many stuff listed on my bucket list this year and the year isn't over yet. I met a British guy just last Saturday night at Junk Backstage and we hit it off almost instantly. I swear I melted. I really did. He is one of , no, scratch that- THE sweetest most gentleman guy I've ever met. All the small gestures, all the polite words and shit really I'm melted. I mean, how often do people ask you this - "do you want to dance with me?" and hold up their hand? HOW MANY YOU TELL ME. People here usually just try to grind you and shit. *fans self* Here's a few things he said to me that night. 

It's been so long since I've had an actual intelligent English conversation and asdfghjkl damn. 
At one point I stayed my distance cause well, you can never be too careful but then, cannot. I MELT. He;s is just too sweet. I used to think I would only consider dating or even marrying anAsian just like myself but after that night that has definitely changed!! Teresa seemed to be having fun with the guy's best friend too. Needless to say we gushed about it like highschool girls after that night. It was somehow a self-ego boosting night for us too LOL. I mean, we can attract "ang mohs". That states a lot lolol! I would explain it in more detail but I'd rather not heh. ^_^v

Well, that concludes the month of August. Happening life is happening. 
Bye, August. Bring on September. xx

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