Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kuching Got Talent 2013

So it's around 2.30am but I can't seem to fall asleep so here's an update for people who actually bother to read my blog! Hehhh. Anyways, Vanity decided to join Kuching's Got Talent 2013 that was held in conjunction of Kuching Festival that is held yearly? I heard this competition has been going on annually as well to somewhat attract more people to the festival.

The event was quite well organized this year as the dancing and singing were both categorized and judged differently compared to the previous years (so i've heard). We also had time for stage rehearsals and so on so forth. The competition was held for 3 weeks straight, as there were 3 rounds - audition round, semi finals and of course, finals. As you can see in the picture above or if you've been updated by Vanity's page, I am happy my efforts paid off teehee ^_^v 


The theme for our final round was Vampire hence, the fake teeth, i mean fangs and crazy heavy makeup! The fangs were really, really, really annoying. The glue felt really disgusting too and I think we scared a lot of people that night hehh. The weather gods were good to us tho. It was windy, rainy and gloomy that night! Just perfect for our theme! :D

We were the first group to perform that day so we were pretty nervous lol. Kept hitting each others' boobs and butt to somehow pat off the nerves. Group selca before going on stage!

Some shots I stole from Bev's blog and my friend's phone of us dancing on stage that day. Can you spot me? A lot of people couldn't differentiate us that night till they look at our signature hair colours lolol.

"Everybody looks naked or half naked except you," said a friend. LOLOL WHUUUT HAHAHAH! :'D

We danced the routine twice that night as we had to dance again since we won! Missed our food consuming moment at Kuching Fest but indulged in McD later so it's all good! :P

A friend sent this to us the next morning! I can't read chinese but at least I know what this means! :3

Thank you all who have supported us all along and congratulated us! We will continue to work even harder next time. All bruises and pains here and there were worth it teeheee. Always grateful! :) xx

I tried uploading both Audition and Semi Final rounds as well but blogger decided to be a bish hmmph. Guess this finals video is somewhat decent heh. Check out his channel for other performances throughout the whole event as well! xx 

Due to certain copyrights and shizz i don't understand maybe the video won't play so you can watch it HERE!

Till my next update buh byeeeee! xx

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