Friday, August 9, 2013

Clash of the Kingz Grand Finals

*us at Pizza Hut after checking in our hotel D-1* 

Heyy peopleeee. This is a very delayed post teehee. So i mentioned before that my crew got sponsored to tag along and compete in the Grand Finals for Clash of the Kingz 2013 at KL.I'm a little blurry on the details since i've delayed this post for too long hehhh. Do forgive me :P ANYWAYS.

 Our flight was at 6.15-6.45am i think? So i reached airport at around 5am. since I wanted breakfast since i foretold that we would not be eating much after reaching KL. Plus, breakfast is important hehhh. Slept peacefully in the plane this time! No humans taking up my arm rests and kicking my chair *YES!* i usually have bad luck with my plane seats so yeah. Landed and we started getting lots of strange stares and shit because...

*guess which one is me? Hair credits all thanks to Teresa* 

....of our multiple coloured hair. It's not everyday you see a group of multi coloured hair people walking around together or it's just them who are being somewhat "sakai". Anyways, i'm proud to proclaim we didn't use any taxi services at all but stuck to buses, monorails, and walking lol. Walking is fine.. till you have to drag your bloody heavy luggages all over the place -.- it was a torture to find our budget hotel. We decided not to splurge so much on hotels since we only needed one night. The night after was sponsored as well as the flight tickets. Yayy! After checking in and lunch.. SHOPPING!

The actual event actually starts on the 5th of July but we went a day earlier to settle down and stuff. Thank god we did. It was hectic the next day. We did loads of HnM shopping and i regretted not spending more at Bukit Bintang. I have that "bu shuang" feeling for the rest of the day LOL.

Indulged in a lot of food but didn't really take out phone to snap. But here's a picture of our Snowflake to compensate that hehh. I would take this over ZenQ anytime, anyday. ^_^v 
Great.. now i have the craving to eat this! :(

*no but seriously.. see how cramped it is?*

By the time we reached back to our hotel we were dead beat. Only to realize.. how "budget" or budget hotel room really is. We dragged the top layer of the bed to the side so at least we could sleep. hehhh. and our luggages had to be somewhat stacked on each other LOL. There was hardly any place to walk but we only needed to sleep so i guess that's fine. We watched HBO the whole night and i think i fell asleep at 7pm but i woke up an hour later..just in time to stop Cherry from taking a very unglam picture of me sleeping -.-

End of day one! xx

 The next morning:-

May i just mention i slept horribly last night? LOL. So I had to curl a few members' hair last night so that we don't have to waste so much time getting ready the next morning. and when i was done with the final member, my sleeping place was stolen -.- so i had to sleep somewhere else which was next to Cherry. After that night i made a promise to myself never to sleep next to her ever again. I was so tempted to kick her all over to Bev's side. GRR. A whole night she kicked and pushed me to the wall AND stole the blanket. May i add the room was so fcking cold too! T__T What did i ever do to deserve this treatment? I even sat up in the middle of the night to talk to them even tho they can't hear me. "NI MEN HEN SHUANG HOHHHH?!" *BIG SIGH* Hence, my swollen face and heavy eyebags. lolol.

Second day started off quite tiring. We had to check out of the budget hotel and walk to the other side to Tune Hotel which was our sponsored hotel for the event. Due to some problems we had to wait in the lobby for quite a long time until we could finally check into our hotel rooms. I kinda lost my hotel key so i had to pay an extra Rm5 for another key. Why am i so careless? -.-

Did another round of shopping at..*can't remember where* and finally went to The Stage for rehearsals before the event.

Us. I finally know how Teresa feels when she has to do the snapping. Your face is the largest and fattest. :(

The inside of The Stage. Rehearsals ended at around 6pm and we didnt have time to really grab a bite or something. We hurried backstage to get ready..

Mascots of the Day. It's as if they're using the Sparta or Clash of the Titans theme :D Not complaining tho. Look at those abs! :O

Organisers of the event. I don't have a picture of all the judges tho :(

Look slash selfie of the day. 

Vanity Crew <3 p="">

Since Teresa wasn't here, Jasz took her place instead. Lucky bitch enjoying beaches and stuff in Redang hmmph -.- HAHAHA. Anyways, we left a spot for her which she vainly photoshopped herself inside hahah! :P Cannot even. Vain level x1000!

and no, we didn't win. Congrats to Pop Diva, winner of showcase category. and.

Congrats to Bboy Leggo and Bboy Kinobu for winning bboy battle 2 on 2. It was so dope!

Group photo after the whole event. Ladies Bae didnt get to perform so I was quite disappointed. Wanted to watch their showcase since their rehearsal looked awesome. oh well.. Can you spot me? :D
Went to mamak for food after that. Was starved since we didn't really get a bite the whole day. By the time we reached back to our hotel it was already around 1-2am? Thank god we had friends to drive us back to the hotel that night!

As usual after our bath, it's not easy to fall asleep so we had an instant cup noodle session at the cafe below. Low and behold our bare faces hehhhh ^_^v We had sleeping arrangements too. I slept with Munie. Jasz with Beverly and Cherry alone. Shouldn't have put Jasz and Bev together tho since the next morning they ' couldn't wake up -.- As for me, thank god i was half awake already if not Munie would have slapped my boobs to wake me up! Jeeezusss. lolol.

*Jasz and I safely in our seats hehhh*

We took the monorail all the way to KL Central then took a bus to the airport and thanks to Air Asia slow services, we almost missed our flight! Our luggages had to be checked in but we didn't have enough time at all. I mean, we lined up for around 45 mins and later at the counted this lady said we're late by around 5 mins to check in out luggage. Kill me now. Then at the other counter, some idiots don;t realize how rude it is to cut queue hence, us begging the person to let us board with our extremely overweight luggages! Thank God of all heavens they closed a blind eye! *kneels down and thanks them* After that it was a race with time. We ran and ran and ran and finally could breathe after sitting in our seats. *blows out big breath* Thrilling, but never again do i want to go through this. Zz.

Overall this trip has been an eye-opening, tiring one. Still we get to see other people's standard and what we have got to have to be able to serve on the platter next time. Lesson learnt: always be humble since there's tons of people who are damn right better than us. whee. 

Zonk out till my next post! xx

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