Friday, July 26, 2013

End of the semester!

Anyeoooonngggg! It's been a while since I've blogged and so much has happened within these almost two months! July has come and gone in almost an instant and on the 14th, i turned 18 wheeeeeee! Here's a selca cause i like selcas LOL. ANYWAYS...

Since I turned 18, i finally ticked off something from my bucket list! I finally pierced my belly omggggg! I am in love with it!! It has been something i've been dying to do for ages ever since i turned 14 maybe? And I've never had the balls to just get it over and done with but i did it! WHEEEEEEE! I did mine at Mix&Match at Plaza Merdeka and it cost me only RM50 for both the piercing and the bling -just so you know, in case you wanna get yours done too teeheee ^_^v

A lot of people asked about the pain level and i guess the piercing process itself wasn't much of a pain? It was the process of attaching the stud after the piercing itself that hurts like a madafakerrrr! LOL. I would give it a 6.5 out of 10? Girls, please do not pierce it when mother nature calls, you'll feel super faint and it hurts a lot more. (trust me, i learnt it the hard way, LOL) BUT still, having no regrets so far! As for taking care of it when it's healing.. You'll just have to be extra careful to not touch it or accidently hurt it to avoid bleeding and unnecessary shizz. Keep it dry and clean and it'll heal wayy faster. Mine healed in probably a week and for that past one week I didn't stop my dancing at all so yeah, just take VERY goooood care of it and you'll be fine hehe :P

Next bucket list point : tattoooooooo (mum would probably kill me tho)

 *pic with mum that night*

Went out with le family for birthday dinner! We have a tradition that if anyone in our family has a birthday, we would go out and indulge in good, fattening food teheee :P We went to Sharing Planet the night before my birthday and here's some of the foodporn that night. ^__^v

The salad was amazeballs - Coming from someone who doesn't like vege at all this must mean something okay?! The one of the bottom left was the ice cream chicken chop thingy my brother insisted we order - it was just fine only lehhhhhhhhhhh LOL. Carbonara and garlic butter fish fillet was yummeh too and bla bla bla.. BAM, dinner over. HEHHH.

*screenshots of my instavideo that night. follow me! @arielllo *

SOOO, I went to Kuching fest the night before my birthday and these two lovelies came with me! I was really having a rough time with my own feelings and emotions and it has sucked. BIG TIME. I have so much pent up inside and it is amazing how I restrain myself from bursting and going all bitch-mode sometimes. Trust me, it ain't pretty. I've never let these walls crumble but they did and it hurt so bad knowing the people I wish or was hoping that they would give a damn didn't actually do so. It sucks isn't it? Being put second when you're always putting others first no matter what? Sure, you can not expect anything in return. I don't. All  want is to be remembered at least. Is that so hard? I really don't get it..

Back to that night, I walked so much and stuffed myself with so much food till I felt nauseous at the words "Cheese baked rice". YEP it was THAT bad. BUT SO WORTH THE FAT INTAKE. Anyways, went back to my place after that to chill and these two idiots stayed till midnight to wish me a very happy-somewhat-legal-birthday! I am blessed to have these two in my life. Love you guys to the moon and back! :P

Another birthday highlight would probably be, the surprise in college. I really wasn't expecting anything since we've only known each other for probably a month or so and i was sincerely touched. I mean, WHO THE HELL DOES THAT FOR ME? :P Even people whom i thought were closer to be didn't take the initiative to plan these sort of things! (usually i have to plan them myself..pfft your birthday, my birthday?) I am so grateful and thankful. Yet again, BLESSED. *pic stolen from Mich's instagram*

Speaking of college...
*webcam sessions in GLT cause we were too bored and sleepy* 

I've gotten used to college life and it has been treating me alright so far. Made a lot more friends,and yes, again, blessed. The assignments and homework and presentations have been depriving me of y beauty sleep. Like really. I mean, it's really hard to concentrate after long hours of dance so i tend to procrastinate maybe, a litttle bit too much? teeheee /.\ No more usual 150 words essay, but now the min words has upgraded to 1.5k and have i told you how much I despise the plagiarism detection site? However, hard work paid off with 0% and 1% for both subjects. *cues hallelujah music*
GLT stuff has been the bomb BUT seriously, my Intro to Mass Comm assignment and presentations are just whoaaa. In a way, i completed all of them but I dont feel "satisfied". Maybe it's cause I didn't actually give it my best? Or some criticism I've received has made me set a higher bar for myself? idk but it's stressful! Honestly, when i received my presentation question, i went...


YEP BABY ZELO THAT'S EXACTLY HOW I REACTED. and then on my presentation day I found out my lecturer gave me a question that wasn't covered or taught in my class just yet.. wtfffffffffffffff. It was such a last minute thing that i stayed up an entire night to complete my part of the slides. I even had to fish out the dusty dictionary to look for meaning of certain words and sometimes after flipping i still don't get it! *flips entire bookshelf* Damn was I challenged and boy oh boy was I shooting target for all sorts of comments. NEVERMIND. BRING IT ONNN BABYY. No criticism, no improvement. Right? :D

Classmates for Intro to Mass Comm. (missing one tho) 

Yeah i guess these people aren't usually the ones i would mix with especially if personalities or my high school friends were put into the picture, but honestly idgaf. These amazing people have made my waking up for 9am and full day classes more worth it and have always been there for me some way or another eventho' it has been like what, a month? I am blessed and I am really thankful and grateful. *does respectful Korean bow*

First friend in college. No, seriously. Hellooo, michieeeee.  :3 

 Yeah, we so fabulousssssssssss.

*classmates during GLT classes (presentation week)*

This marks the end of our first semester together and finals are up in 2 weeks. I really need to find time to study argh. BALANCE.. INNER PEACE.. COME ONN ARIELL. LOL. Anyways, it's been an awesome semester and despite the lack of sleep I'm probably gonna get soon, I'm looking forward to the next one! Till my next update mwah! xx

hahaha, just couldn't resist! okay, bye! xx 

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