Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion 2011.

hellloo! remember when i said i would blog bout the biker's night thingy? yeah
guess what? i couldn't perform as i was still underage. :(
so sad. but annyway, this evernt is WAYY bigger :D ohhhmmyyyy.
get ready for.. BAMMM!

The Hitz.Fm Birthday Invasion 2011! it was held at BCCK in Kuching and
we were asked to perform there. omo omo omo. we so excited yeahh :)

see, we took picture cause we sakai LOL and some random photographer came up
and snapped for us too. but but, i havent gpt the pictures so, i have to use
my sucky quality pictures for my blog. so sad hoh? :( *big sigh*
but seriously, i love my crew :) support Vanity crew okay? :) \m/

the seniors in our crew :) Jasz, Cherry. Teresa and Munie :)

our manager Kixx who is Cherry's brother and Teresa's boy :)

me with Sim :) she is a Malay. what is this sorcery?! :O
but hey, i thought she was a chinese on first glance too. (Y)

i laike this picture so damn much :) but too bad Candy and Sim missing :(
but still we love to camwhore in toilets LOL. it's just a girl's thing :)
btw, we had artiste passes so we could enter anywhere we wanted too :D
we were in the same meeting room with Mizz  Nina, Nadhira, Pop Shavit,
JJ and Ean, MMeng, Natasha and many many many other cool people :)

i am still waiting for our crew picture from Alvin Leong and our picture with
JJ and Ean from Hitz.fm. omgg the suspend is just too long :(
but at least we had some photos from our photographer friend of Eugenie's!

take 1 :)

take 2 :)

our studio, Street Shock was asked to perform a breaking freestyle so guys nailed it!
*big round of applause* thank you so much for coming in to support us dance
too. it was a hectic morning and we were abit frazzled up bout it but hey,
i guess we all did okay. as for me, i had cuts on my knees. so yeah :/
but overall, i just have to say,

i LOVE MY CREW and VANITY babes :) that's all. 


now, backstage.we went for rehearsals that day and omg so tired i tell you.
they delayed our time for bout 2 hours and and, didnt let us rehearse properly.
which got all of us negative feedbacks. you evil man. :(
one thing bout him, he pushed me up on stage. i should have looked him in the 
eye and say to him, "next time, say please. and *flips hair*". i should have :)
oh well, it was a joyful experience. first time for the crew to be performing
with all seven members too! (Y) 

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