Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BreakFree Youth Fest :)

hello hello! short update on my dance crew! <3
anyhow, we were invited by the BreakFree event that has been so hot the last Sat :)
so we performed the exact same dance we did for the Borneo Street Damce comp.
not enough time to choreograph a whole new dance, you see? :)
ohh, Teresa went in for Munie as it was her birthday that very day! :D
a big birthday shoutout to MUNIE <3 hope you had a blast!
enough typing. here are some pictures.

these three pictures are those which we took during practices :)

too bad Teresa not in :( we should like do a crew photoshoot! :D
anyways, getting back onto the main subject..

i'm quite sure you've heard of it :) i didn't go to the events cause i'll
only be performing there. :) so back to danceee,

tada. the stage looks big from the picture but believe me, it was super small! D:
*crys and wails in depression* okay. enough of that. *laughs*
all i can say is we expected it to be bigger. that's all. but hey,
the show must go on. but omg it was raining and it was delayed an hour.
ohmywhatthebbqsauce! haha. but hey, we made it. and i know
i kicked lots of the stuff on stage.. accidently! Nevermind, it'll somehow 
remind them to give dancers a BIGGER stage next time! :)

they invited our crew into a private commitee's lounge to put our stuff and rest
while we were waiting for our turn to perform :) aww. so nice of them :)
well, we took the honour upon us immediatly! hehe. 
what? there was air con, sofas, clean toilet!, and mirrors hehe.
we took some pictures. and camwhored here and there. and practiced, of course!

soon it was out turn :) pictures! 
thank you to all photographers and uploaders in facebook!

tada!  end of dance. i think we did okay. although of slight mistakes. whoops!
but overall yeah :) the rest went clubbing to celebrate Munie's birthday,
but sadly i am underage so i be a good girl and go home :(
dammit. kinda regret it now? haha. ohwells. there are other times i'm sure :)
note: clubbing's not a bad thing, with the RIGHT crowd!
ohh and dance is our arts-stream. please do not discriminate us as strip dancers
and anything to do with all this false accuses. thank you. Respect is the word.

ohh did i mention? we have our own Vanity Crew page :) please like it 
if you like dancing and enjoy our performances and so on! :)
to see the number increasing drastically fast is a very happy thing to us :)
so please, it won't take very long. teehee! <3 show us some love!

i think that's about it? hmm. been practicing less this week. damn.
i should be right on track. must start. now! :) *fighting, Vanity! <3

Sneak Peak: we're gonna perform a Showcase at Hilton. ;)
blog post about it soon. Very soonn! xoxo, ariello.

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