Thursday, April 11, 2013

XFAB Annual Dinner

It's been ages since my last update, so here's some juice bout what's been happening in the crew :)
Street Shock Dance Studio 's dancers got a gig at the XFAB Annual Dinner. Vanity Crew were asked to perform two dances - 1 hip hop and 1 K-Pop where as Shark Gangz did the opening as well as some ushering. Photo credits : The Shots :)

We performed at Pullman Hotel on the 15th of March 2013. We got a waiting room as you can see above teehee. the mirrors come in handy! Honestly i was feeling so tired that day since i came straight from my driving lesson (more on that on the next update). 

The place was friggin' huge. The wooden platform thingy on the floor were prepared specially for the bboys to do their thing. The crowd was rowdy tho. There were already drunk people at like, what, 9pm? i mean, seriously? -_-  our show really got delayed so we did mini photoshoots in the hotel's kitchen. The pictures turned out fine lehhhhhhhh :P


We were separated by this partician thing so that the crowd or audience couldn't see us. oh btw it was freezing out there so we were literally hugging each other LOL. and in the process almost knocking down a few particians. Graceful are we now? tsk tsk :3

Manager of my crew and person-who-loves-bullying-ariel-cause-its-fun guy -_- 
He is wearing my studded camo top btw . Got it from Lisa Closet :) Happy shopping in advance!

Some shots from the performance.

While we were waiting the bboys had their mini photoshoot session as well.

Some shots of us and our get up for the Kpop number we were gonna do. Concept : I Got A Boy.

 Jumped so many times in order to get a nice shot without having hair and stuff slapping us in the face. the things we do for perfect pictures :/

welll.. finally? :)

some shots during the kpop number.

I think this is probabaly the first time in a very long time where every dancer from the studio is present and performing. It was a great feeling despite the awkward turtle moments of us not knowing each other too well to joke around ._. soon lah soooon teehee.

This shot was to test the lighting but i adore this shot for some reason. Thereforeeeeeee im posting it teehee ^_^v

weird faces pose is our signature pose all the time hehe.

i really really do adore these girls. i think without them, i won't know the existence of make up, self confidence and valuable friendships that don't waver tho we get shouted sometimes and annoyed cause of misunderstandings and mood swings and whatever other crap. we've really grown over the whole one year since Vanity Crew was formed and we've been through so much together. 
Thank you for being such a blessing <3 p="" xx="">

Picture with pro-photographer of the day :)

Finished the gig at bout midnight? decided to have a lil' after party and went to The Junk backstage bar to chill for a while. the atmosphere is really nice, so those who haven't gone, just be adventurous for a night and go! Loving this picture of me with Jasz and Teresa! <3 p="" xx="">
supper of the night consisted of nasi lemak from Lok Lok and liang cha - Just saying! :P

till my next update. xxx

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