Friday, April 12, 2013

12042013 - Rants

Ootd : ripped ribcage tank and Hermes inspired armswag from Lisa Closet, tokidoki iphone case and GD's inspired GET OUT cap from taobao.

Hellooooooo all my beautiful people. awkward beginning of a post but whatever. Went back to school about a month ago to collect my public exams aka SPM results. To say that i was stared at was an understatement.. i mean, all i did was change my hair and add some eyeliner to my lack-of-sleep-zombie-face and BAM, their eyes seem glued to me ._. fyi, i don't like to be stared at... it's creepy.. unless you're hot teehee :P Anyways, i don't miss school at all. Not even a teeny weeny bit lol. School was filled with anxious 95's students. Waited and waited and waited to finally get my result slip andddddd i was not satisfied at all. OKAY LAH maybe i didn't exactly work my butt off to it's full potential so that's my fault but seriously, i was expecting better :/ 

Many cheered, many cried, me? i remained montone lol. I mean, it's over, done, finished. It's not as if i could turn back time if i wanted to anyways. Those close to me would know what has been going on for the whole last months of that dreadful SPM period so i was more than happy for it to just be over lol.

Met up with le usual gang except this time, met up with Howard teehee.(he's like my brother from another mother fyi). It's been ages since we hung out so I am grateful. Plus, Dylan(his sidekick) came back from NS with his buzz cut too haha. Went for supper-slash-dinner and raided Nels' house to play ping pong. I think that summed up my night lol.

Apparently just recently i've received an acceptance letter from Segi college to start my Diploma in Mas Communication. Promised my mum to do exceedingly well cause well, i know i am better than that lahhh. Regret taking up science side in high school now ._. i mean, i hate maths. like, reallyy really hate maths. They invented calculators already, why do we have to bother? RIGHT? Guess i'll be stuck in Kuching for probably another 3 years unless, i get offered something better.


Sat for my driving test also within the same week and safe to say i passed. I think i did well tho hehe. My friend instead had a little trouble and needed to pay a little tea time money to make up for it. Tsk. I swear these officials are so corrupted. I passed my test and it was written in black and white and yet they still have the nerve to say i drove dangerously and hinted to receive a sum of money. Well too bad for you! Do i look like a pushover to you? Pfft. needless to say i stood my ground and didn't give a damn about that. Seriously -.-


Happy birthday to the loveliest friend Bibiana Teo Hua Ying. You've finally turned 18 and a young woman whom i adore. Thank you for always being by my side enduring my bitchy moments as well as my emotional breakdowns. You're the best! You always listen no matter what, and i love you for that :)
But still, happy to say you're old now teeeheee! xx I know you love me too :P

unedited picture with me looking as if i have a double chin with my girls. xx


Vanity Crew got another gig and this time it was from Astro. We were requested of two songs like the precious event ( XFAB Annual Dinner), so we used the same dances. For this, 5 of us got paid RM300 each! Easy money, so why not?! We all woke up super early that day to do pointless makeup since well, we each got a makeover by the makeup artists hired there. We recorded at RTM for Astro channel 180. The shooting site that day as shown above!

This is or changing room, make up room and toilet LOL. Loving the huge ass mirrors.

Usually i don't like people patting, scrubbing, and rubbing my face but then, i have to say she did a pretty good job with my zombie-like face ._. She took so long i think i almost fell asleep :/ 

TADA. End result of the makeover. Eye makeup was done by myself. I think make up artists are often stressed out with my super small, sepet eyes. Honestly, i think i still look like me, just with a higher nose bridge which you can't probably see in the picture as well so oh well ._.

But then again, a girl can always feel pretty right? teehee.

All of us after the makeover.

On stage. When we finished recording i finally realized the point of having thick-ass makeup pasted on my face since there was lotsa close up shots and also dramatic lightings. We wore this for the first hip hop routine. We received a ridiculous "do-not-wear" list so this is the best we can manage. -.- First off we weren't allowed to wear anything that was of blue denim which cancels out the baggy jeans, no sleeveless or cropped tops - Wild cropped top cancelled, and no round low neck tops... might as well dance in a baju kurung..

The other dance was super rushed since they wanted to go for lunch -.- We also danced with an empty tummy leh, Sigh, what happened to take your time in between dances and rehearsals? ._.

Finished shooting around 1pm? If you see us on tv please please please tell us! xx


OKAY. recently i have been in this girl who takes time to read books mode and finished the whole series of books on Harry Potter. I read in on a E-Book through my phone so you can imagine the straining my eyes took but but, it was definitely worth it. TO TOP IT OFF, i saw this in tumblr and i couldn't resist sharing it. Halfway reading it, i went, "Fcuk it i'm gonna cry!" Okay, maybe i feel a lot of emotions but it's better than feeling nothing at all! D: and... if you don't find this touching you're a heartless bastard!

Have you ever liked someone to the point that it hurts you to even look at them? And all because of one reason that he or she is already taken or in love with someone else? You wake up every morning and look in the mirror and lower your own self-esteem even more and ask the same question over and over again. "what does she have that i don't?" I guess it's never that easy but up to one point you just give up. You've lost your drive and energy and those feeling start to change into hatred. hatred for making you feel this way. Hatred for making you feel so much. Hatred for making yourself think that you had a chance. There's a thin line between love and hate. I've heard that many times before. I always thought it was impossible to love someone you used to hate and hate someone you used to love. But then again, I've always been kinda naive. and "so what now?", you ask. Well my darling, you tell me. xx

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