Friday, June 29, 2012

Jungle Jive 2.

Just another short post about the JUNGLE JIVE HOE DOWN that i recently just blogged about!
Here are videos of the three performances that night! :D
Finally managed to get them lol. I wanted to add these videos into the Jungle Jive post
but then i realized that the post is already too damn long lolol! :/ So here they are! Enjoy :)

The tribute to Michael Jackson. 

The tribute the Whitney Houston. Aww, the kids from my class performed.
So did i! LOLOL. I look like a kid, so it may be hard to spot me! ;)

The finale dance.

Now If you were wondering about the previous hoe down, i did blog about it,
but then i was really terrible in blogging last time, so don't expect much okay? :/
It was a themed dance charity event as well, Swinging it Back to the 70's!
CLICK HERE to know more about the event lolol. 

Here's the video of me and the youth doing a performance for that night.

The finale of the night :)

Alright! Till my next update.. yet again. xoxo!

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