Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kingz Of The Ringz Champions!

KINGZ OF THE RINGZ was held last weekend. It consists of showcase competition and a 
bboy-2-on-2 competition. Winners of the first round will receive a text to enter for the finals
in order to compete for the crown of Sarawak's best crew for the event! My crew, 
VANITY managed to get into the finals just yesterday and did their best.
No more beating around the bush, WE WON!! YESSS, i mean like, FINALLLYYY!
When i heard the news i literally jumped out of my chair screaming! I couldn't believe the news!
Now now, i didn't participate this time because of bloody exams but still, IM STILL PART
OF THE CREW! Like what, Troy said, "wah, such a dedicated crew member lolol!" 

Like all this while, we have been really striving for it, giving our best in any showcase,
competition or what-not, just giving our all but we just never could succeed.
This time, however, all the mean, pointing fingers who said we could never make it were
proven wrong! WE MADE IT! And for such a big big tournament as well! <3
I am so high i just cannot contain myself. I'm hammering on the keys as i type. Ohmyy.
see, Vanity even got on the newspaper! <3

Okay, i managed to get some really swag-errish photos from people so,
enjoy the vainess of Vanity crew! Scroll for more pictures and the final winning video!

Outfit for first show on Saturday. It was sad i couldn't make it to both of the days but then, 
i had a charity event going on and i was damn busy. (will blog about that later)

woohoo! my sexy babes ;) (Y)

Video of their first audition round :D

The next day, (Sunday), Munie, also one of the crew members who didn't participate went to 
photograph them on the finals! :D

face make up of the day!

everybody's facial expressions are getting better! yayy! :D

when the results were announced! :D They were so happy, tears of joy were rolling down!
Cherry was he funniest. "Lose, you cry. Win, you also cry. Aiyooo!" :'D
but i think i would cry too if i was on stage with them. omg. Now i really wish i was actually
participating with them. That would be one of best moments in life! :')

like what everyone whom supported us from the beginning said, "FINALLY!" <3

whoops. i'm so sorry. I totally forgot about the Bboy battle. Well, DOUBLE VICTORYYYY! <3
Stc-V-Ruff and Stc-Clinkz were champions for this category! Way to go, Soul Tactics!
btw, what i mean for double victory is because Vanity is somewhat a family crew with them lol.

group picture of all participants! Note the winners in front! ;)

They took this photo and me and Munie requested to be in it, so here on the right is a 
photoshopped version of our heads inside! HAHAHA! <3
Sorry girls, we just miss you guys so much! xxxx
We shall take a big family photo once we're all back! Photoshoot time! (Y) 

Proud to present you, Vanity crew! Do continue to support us! 

*sigh* Thank you for this moment! But for now, KL, here they come! :D <3
P.s- do support and like our page! Now, watch the video below! whoooosh! 

here are two videos of the final routine with two different angles. enjoy! :D


In fact all the routines have been used before in different competitions and dance events but
we just never succeeded or got any ranking? If you've read my previous posts on
the events, you'll understand why we didnt win then. But then again, maybe God was
just testing us and blessing us with this big win! ;) :D Finally, the judges make sense eh? ;)
Finally, last picture of Vanity with our manager, Kixx! Thanks for always being there! (Y)
Till my next update. Bye! :D

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