Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jungle Jive Hoe Down.

Time for another update! Good News Fellowship church line-dancing ministry has been 
organizing charity dance events for humanity. This year, we had it again and the theme was
"Jungle Jive!" It's a hoe down where most line-dancers come from Kuching(duhh), Singapore,
Taiwan, Johor, Penang and some other places lolol. I'm not exactly sure. So anyway,
a total of 60-70 dances are listed on dance lists put on every table. It's somewhat like a 
dance party where we all socialize, eat and dance the night away. We also enlightened the
crowd with performances from the kids and adults. For those wondering why i'm so 
involved is because basically i'm helping out by teaching the kids line dance in our church's
studio as well as helping in the performances.( just thought you guys might wonder since i
am more interested in street dancing and is in a crew) teehee! My mum is also involved
so i guess that's the main reason why i'm helping out. It was held on the 23rd of June 2012,
(this was why i couldn't make it to support Vanity during Kingz of the Ringz)
at the Stampark Recreational Hall. We usually use that place since the event is relatively big
as well as the space. besides, we can decorate the place however we wish!

btw, get ready for photo spamming since this post contains around 50 photos LOL.

The sign we placed outside the hallway leading to the hall :D Creative, yes? 

This was what the hall looked like before the deco. We used nature based stuff to create a 
jungle and outdoor, exotic feel. Scroll for more pictures on the hall :D

Three main people in charge of the whole event! They literally watched me grow up lol.
Mum's on the left. Many say she looks like my older sister. omg. do i look, umm, old? :/

The stage. We had a mini-fountain on the stage! Thanks to our most talented handyman, Eric!
Decorated with trees, rocks, and many many ribbons.

This line dance ministry is known as The Karar Line Dancing group originated from Kuching.
The woman above is, Miss Yeo receiving an award! :D

Okay. This is the Singaporean trio that made this event possible! Joseph, Philip & John.
Joseph and John are Philip's adopted sons. They usually come to Kuching once a year to do events 
like this. We also usually do a dance jamming at Boulevard. However, this year's event
didn't have much kick and such. In fact, honestly speaking, it was kinda boring?

This was taken when dancers from different countries who came to this event were being announced.

Joseph looks pumped up! :D He's holding Malaysian flag some more (Y)

and, the dancing begins! 

Isn't this kid super cute? Eric's son! Look look! he wants to dance too! <3

Despite everything, we didn't forget to eat! However, usually during these events we barely
have time to indulge into the food. A comment to the food-people though, it could have been better!

We also had the usual lucky draw! Oh if you're wondering why most people are in animal prints,
they wore that to suit the theme of the night! :)

With Eugenie, Vanity's personal hot mama! A mother of two, but better body than me! T__T
(mentally does 1000 planking and sit ups LOLOL)

the Karar Line dancers(Kuching) doing a medley performance. A tribute to Whitney Houston.

The kids performing. Yes, my little seh-kia's whom i teach LOL.

I even had to lend out my checkered shirts. Look above and spot em! 

the person in charge of the Raising fund for Humanity giving his speech.

This was the crowd of dancers that night! There was still 1/4 in their seats! :D
i think we filled up more than 30 tables that night!

Photographers that night. Howard was not in the pictures, oops! :(

Another performance by Philip and Alison. A tribute to Michael Jackson.

Note her cat ears and tail lolol!

Note that we didn't use music for the MJ tribute performance. A live song by our one and only
Miss Yeo! haha! Of course the background music was on lah! :)

Some pictures of those who came to the event! Look at the guy in front LOL.

We had some really bold and daring costumes on that day. lol. but nothing beats...(scroll down!)

Ingenious! Who would have thought of that?!

A small token for Alison for being here and teaching some new dances :)

John and Troy! LOL, John's signature pose is the mouth thingy lol.

August that night! He wore my spiked headband instead LOL.

Someone made this and i couldn't resist posting it up! HAHA! So, what do you think?

I have no idea what they were doing but it looks like they were fighting over, umm, my headband?

Finally a picture with August and Joseph. Troy photobombing at the back LOL.

A picture with this wild-outfit ladyy and mum!

i found this photo funny lol.

Pictures of me and Ivory! 

I saved the best for last! Love this shot! <3 Btw,(27th June 2012), Happy 17th Birthday,
my darling, ivory! have an awesome blast! <3 <3

Pictures of me with August, Emily, Dylan & Ryan! It was Ryan's birthday that very night as well!
I just realized i didn't snap any photos with Howard :(

Dennis! Our sound man as usual!

Picture of me with mum, Philip, John and August :) They're currently back in Sg already.
Aww, It's gonna be another year till we meet up again! :(

Finally a picture with Joseph. Don;t miss me too much kay? :)

With the kids from class! Someone mentioned that I can become a mother hen already. -.-

To end this post, i will post a family photo of the Karar Line Dancers! However, it's not exactly complete since August wasn't in it lol. Better than nothing. SPOT ME? :D
Now, that night itself, we managed to raise RM17 000, for the Humanity!  17K OKAY?
WOOHOO. SO in fact, this event for raising funds was a huge success! One thing we do once a year 
that benefits the needy! We don't keep a single cent to ourselves. Everything goes to the needy.
If you're interested to lend a helping hand next time, do contact me on my twitter! @arielllo

till my next update. xoxo.

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