Monday, June 11, 2012

Rock 'Em Right - Bboy Machine.

Hello! Time for a short update. Borneo Street Dance Competition is finally over! and NO, Vanity
did not join in this time. Why? All of us are just to busy. I have bloody exams while the girls
are busy preparing for a bigger competition, Kingz Of The Ringz! Jia you, babes! :D 

So, the next day there was a bboy battle held at Spring which was organized and sponsored by
Right Steps Dance Studio and Limited Edition and many many more i guess? I can't really recall.
Anyway, it was sooo damn dope! (Y) WAHH. Guys who can dance are such a turn on. 
Honestly, how can you resist? LOL. hot and fit omg!

They battled their way to the finals at the North Court of Spring. View of the stage.

The emcee for that day. I personally didn't like the deejay though. His songs sound so reggae! 
but still it was kinda cool. makes your feet feel like dancing too lol!

Cherry took photo with him & one couple got his shirts with his autograph on.

Anyways, the winner for the battle was, FEASIBLE SOUL TACTICS!
teehee! Candy's boyfriend, stc-Ruff was in the team too. oh and he was the floor mania champ too.
Keep scrolling for more dance pictures and a few videos. :D

Look at the size of Bboy Machine's muscles! O___O

Feasible got runner up :) as expected.

A few pictures of some guys dancing on stage that day. 

This little kid drew the crowd's attention on him. dancing and doing is thing LOL.
Future bboy, yes? hahah! so cute! :3

There were a few girls too. lol. I wish i could flip and do whatever dope shit on that stage too! :(

BBOY MACHINE. wah. Much respect! (Y) He had a workshop too yesterday :)
guess he's flying back already. Changed my whole mindset about breaking. WAHH.

This is a video of the final battle which consists of 3 rounds.

The whole Rock 'Em Right video preview! :D Dope y'all! (Y)

K. enough of that. BY THE WAYYYY, 

Vanity did a show on that very night. Met up at Spring with Vanity babes to watch the battle.
Then,  headed off to.. i dont know where lol.. to do a short show. Damn, delayed us for 2 hours?
But we had fun lol. My very last show, (confirm last liao) with them, till exams are dead and gone!
Ushh. Now, to embrace my exams results with much faith i won't faint lol.

I pretty much feel okay but, i feel like being free for a while. I don't want to lie. xx
Till my next update! byee <3 It's okay if you don't understand the statement above! ^__^v

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