Monday, June 4, 2012


Hello! Here's another update teehee. oh btw, Happy Gawai to those celebrating! :D
So, anyway, Vanity was asked to perform for the UEFA EURO 2012 event organized
by ASTRO. We danced two dances. I'm so glad to be performing again teehee! <3
We danced on a stage at the new wing that recently just opened at Boulevard.
It was freezing cold there. Thank God we decided to wear leather jackets! The crowd
was not so supportive though. They just stood there with no reaction. Even to the emcee.
Damn it. why are Kuching people so not sporting? Oh wells :)
it doesn't matter since i received texts from people saying we did awesome.
That's good enough for me since we only practiced for two nights and slept very little! :/
 A pic of Vanity with photo-bombing Kixx at the back. (Y)

i do not understand why i look so excited lololol. Thanks to Rivelino for the pic!

the place where we performed.

Here's a video of the first one we did. Credits to Danny for taking this video!
Songs : Crazy in love -Beyonce, Lose Control -Miss Elliot & Ring the alarm- Beyonce.

Here's some pictures of us dancing for the second dance. No group photo for this :(
We bumbed into Na Jie at the toilet! :D  Hello, and thanks for the support!

Another good reason for me to go and tidy up my fringe! Look! it's so messy. -__-

Ending pose :)

Watch the video here! :D Credits again to Danny. teehhee.
Songs: Single Ladies -Beyonce, Nobody -Wonder Girls & I hate boys-Christona Arguliera.

I hope we did our best and entertained yáll that night. Thanks for watching us!
Do show us some love and support at our facebook page if you haven't! <3 <3 xxxx

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