Sunday, June 1, 2014

Clash of the Kingz 2014 Kuching round

Here's a really late update on COTK 2014 that happened last month! (4th May) Wasn't able to update this space much since I've been really busy with exams and other dance events. Selfie of me that day above! So, Vanity Crew took part in the Clash of the Kingz Kuching round tournament to be qualified to go for the finals in KL. We originally thought the rules and conditions were same for last year but it turned out we only needed 1 routine instead of 2. It was a huge relief omfg. It relieved the entire team of the burden to complete 2 routines in like 2.5 weeks. On the day itself, we all got up real early to get ready. My arm has officially got toned muscles from curling everyone's hair with my heavy curling iron. The event was held at Boulevard shopping Mall and lasted from 1-3/4pm.

This time round we focused more on hip hop style instead of the usual infused street jazz one. I loved it! but the only problem was stamina. Imagine doing the whole routine without getting tired. That would be so dope! Oh and Candy competed this time instead of Jasz so, welcome back Candy!

Moving on to pictures of the day!

Okay, we 2-3 lack serious synchronisation here. Hastag fail! Oops hahaha.

and here..... (altho i know exactly which part of the choreo we were all doing lol)

There were around 6-8 groups (if i'm not mistaken) competing including ourselves and we found ourselves on stage in the top3 before they announced the results. VanthrillaQuist on the left placed 3rd and Street Geekz on the right placed 2nd. Look at our happy faces (or more like relieved faces) when they announced the results! Yayyyy! Honestly I was so relieved we made it through cause we all worked so damn hard each and every night. However looking back to the night before, we felt like we danced better in the studio recording instead of on the stage that day. Anyway, no time to look back and regret but to move forward and work harder! :D

With one of the organizers and sponsors of the event. Thank you everyone who came to support and show love, thank you to all my crew members who have slaved through together as one and may we work even harder for the final round in KL on the 21st of June! 

And we cannot forget the off-stage-slash-behind the scenes photo taking!

I love love love love love this shot! 

We drew our crew name on our very much imaginative arms muscles LOL

That is just sad wtf. hahah.

With one of the judges, Elaine Chiam. Attended her workshop the night before the competition and her words of advice and encouragement really helped us a lot. Thank you for your time and guidance and see you soon!

Ending this post with a selfie with Munie and Candy. Didn't have any selfies with the rest and I don't know why LOL. Unfortunately Candy won't be able to join us for the finals in KL as she's from Kapit and it's really out of the way to come to Kuching just for practice sessions and so on. So we discussed it with the event organizers and they said it was fine if we replaced her with Jasz. Time to work hard together my ladies! Fighting! Video of that day down below. There were mistakes so we didn't upload it onto our page :(

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